PlayStation Confirms the DualSense Still Has an Audio Jack for Headphones

PlayStation Confirms the DualSense Still Has an Audio Jack for Headphones

Don't worry, that audio jack for headsets isn't going anywhere.

The DualSense controller was revealed just yesterday by Sony. Set to be the new controller for the PlayStation 5, it's just been confirmed that the new controller will keep a standard headset port on the controller for use with all headphones.

The news was confirmed today by Toshimasa Aoki, PlayStation's product manager. This basically means you can use the vast majority of standard headsets or headphones with the DualSense controller when it presumably releases alongside the PS5 later this year.

It might seem like a trivial bit of news at first, but it's welcome news nonetheless. Back at the beginning of this console generation, you might remember that the standard Xbox One controller launched without an audio port, and you had to purchase an adapter to be able to use a standard headset with the controller. In June 2015, all Xbox controllers were updated to carry an audio jack port as standard.

The DualSense controller. | Sony

The DualSense is the first visual of next-generation hardware to actually be revealed by Sony. While there was an extensive breakdown of the console's internals presented by Mark Cerny last month, we still have very little idea what the PlayStation 5 will ultimately look like whenever it's released, though the DualSense does let us make some educated guesses.

So far, the PlayStation 5 is still on track to release near the end of 2020. A Sony spokesperson stated earlier this month that the COVID-19 pandemic would not hinder the launch of the PS5 later this year.

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