The E3 2018 Announcements We Want Most

The E3 2018 Announcements We Want Most

The E3 of our wildest dreams.

E3 always has surprises. But in recent years, things tend to leak in advance, and the true surprises are kept to a bare minimum. Heck, this year it seems like publishers are just announcing and teasing what would have been their biggest surprises in advance—take last week's Fallout 76 reveal for example, or this week's planned WB Games, Destiny 2 expansion, and Hitman reveals.

There will undoubtedly still be some big surprises though. So ahead of E3 2018's start this Saturday with EA Play, we've dreamed up our biggest hopes for E3 2018. Some are impractical, others are honestly kinda likely. These are our biggest hopes and dreams for this year's E3.

Bethesda's Rumored Starfield RPG

We're getting Fallout 76, which looks cool and takes the series in some interesting new directions. But I think I speak for most Bethesda fans when I say that we're hungry for a new RPG. Enter Starfield, the sci-fi RPG that has been rumored to be in production for a while now.

There isn't much info out there about this fabled RPG, but you can kind of let your imagination run wild. Imagine an open star system with multiple planets to explore and alien races taking the place of factions. It could be what No Man's Sky was supposed to be all along.

At a guess, Bethesda's conference will mostly be devoted to Fallout 76, with other announcements for games like The Elder Scrolls: Legends being peppered throughout. But a Fallout 76 and Starfield one-two punch would make for a dream E3 out of Bethesda. —Kat Bailey

Demon's Souls Remastered/Demon's Souls 2

Even if From Software is taking an indefinite break from making SoulsBorne games, that doesn't mean the franchise needs to lie dormant. As Dark Souls Remastered showed, there's clearly a hunger for these games, even if they're just re-releases of older titles in the series. So why not re-release the game that started it all?

Not only is Demon's Souls one of my favorite SoulsBorne titles, but it's also one that would greatly benefit from a remaster. The game still looks gorgeous after all these years and I'm salivating over the idea of seeing the game in 4K. Plus, the level structure in Demon's Souls might even make it better suited for on-the-go gaming like on the Switch for example (hint, hint). If a remaster isn't in the cards, I'll also settle for a sequel From Software, so whatevs. —Matt Kim

Final Fantasy VII Remake Pulls a Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes

This wouldn't be amazing, necessarily, but fans would be pissed, and I want to see that fall out. We already know the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be episodic, so why not carve a prologue episode out of its first few hours? Maybe it can encompass the entire Midgar section, or just end near where Cloud falls and meets Aerith in the slums. The latter would be a stretch because it's, well, pretty early in the game. But Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes was essentially a one-hour demo with enough open-endedness to justify its standalone quality. With the reinvention of Final Fantasy VII as an action-RPG for the remake, perhaps a short and sweet test is what it really needs to instill confidence in fans.

Well that, or just keep posting job listings for very specific roles to ignite worry again. But just as Kingdom Hearts 3 is projected to finally release this year, 12 years after its mainline predecessor's release, so can Final Fantasy VII's episodic remake… eventually. —Caty McCarthy

Horror Game from Kojima Productions

I've given up on Silent Hills ever happening, but that doesn't mean Kojima and co. can't work together on a new horror IP together. While it's a shame that we won't have one of the most famous video game designers deliver his take on one of the most famous horror franchises in gaming, the ideas present in P.T. were strong enough to function independent from the Silent Hill IP. Hell, a lot of us didn't even know P.T. was a Silent Hill game until the secret ending.

Kojima's horror influences run deep with the creator discussing his love of works from Junji Ito and Guillermo del Toro. And since del Toro is now a collaborator with Kojima, there's no telling what new original ideas they could come up with. —Matt Kim

Literally Anything Interesting From Microsoft

Okay, this is a tiny bit mean. I'm sure we'll get some Halo news and the rumored Forza Horizon Tokyo announcement, as well as the usual array of indies. But Microsoft's lack of tasty first-party franchises are well-documented; and while the Xbox One is doing fine, it could do with some more excitement. Halo 6, Gears of War 5, and Forza Tokyo aren't gonna cut it.

We've already heard of Playground's Fable reboot, which could potentially be the Xbox One's Horizon Zero Dawn, though it probably won't be at E3. There will be plenty of third-party games. But with Crackdown 3 seemingly in limbo, we have no idea what the Xbox One's flagship will be this winter. For Microsoft's sake, it better not be Forza.

So we're begging you, Microsoft—surprise us. Delight us. Bring out the big guns, even if they're not due for a couple years yet. Give us a reason to get an Xbox One X, which is both really powerful and has some great services, but is otherwise kind of underwhelming. And get Sea of Thieves a quality expansion while you're at it, because that game deserves it. —Kat Bailey

A Marvel(ous) Surprise

We've known that a couple Marvel-related games have been in development. Crystal Dynamics is working on an Avengers-related game. Eidos Montreal is working on a Guardians of the Galaxy project, though not much has been heard since it was first reported back in early 2017. With Eidos Montreal working on the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider, I'd expect us to hear more about The Avengers Project—now rumored to be a Marvel: Ultimate Alliance reboot—first though. Maybe it'll grace Square Enix's big stage this year.

With the recent success of Avengers: Infinity War, and a sequel on the way next year, there's no better time for an Avengers-themed video game. Especially since Spider-Man from Insomniac is right around the corner. Avengers assemble! —Caty McCarthy

A New Mega Man X Game

Listen, I'm as stoked as anyone for Mega Man 11, but I really want to see the X series endure. I just have more fun with X games; must be that handy-dandy wall-jump feature.

Mega Man X6 and X7 are horror shows, but Capcom got things back on track with X8 14 years ago(!!!!). While I wouldn't mind seeing a continuation of that game's story (yes, X8 had a story. A convoluted one, but a story nevertheless), I'd totally understand if Capcom wanted to go the Mega Man 11 "reboot" route and just throw us into a new scenario with some new mechanics stapled to it. Hm, now that I think about it, the Mega Man X series has never shied away from introducing weird new gameplay tweaks. I guess that's why I'm kind of stoked about trying the Gear system in Mega Man 11. —Nadia Oxford

The Persona Complete Collection for Switch

This would never be announced at E3, but since this is the list of announcements we wish would happen, I'm gonna drop it in here. I want nothing more than for Atlus to put together a definitive Persona collection. I want it to have all of the Persona games, from the original PlayStation release all the way up to Persona 5. And I want it to be for the Nintendo Switch.

I've already written about why Persona 3 is badly in need of an HD update, but there's an argument to be made for all of the games getting a remaster of some sort. Persona 1 and 2: Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment are obscure but excellent RPGs that deserve to be enjoyed on a modern console. Persona 4 is currently best enjoyed on the Vita, which is dead as a doornail in the U.S., and Persona 5 is the kind of RPG that I want to enjoy on an airplane.

If I could have just one announcement out of E3, it would be the Persona Complete Collection for the Switch. Okay, I would accept a TIE Fighter Remaster for the PC as well, but I'm trying to be realistic here. It's time to bring all of the Persona games under one roof, whatever console that might be. —Kat Bailey

A Remake of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Done Like A Link Between Worlds

This year marks the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening for the Game Boy. Say, Nintendo, wouldn't this just be the best year to announce a remake for one of the series' finest entries?

I think it's safe to say most of us were gobsmacked at how good A Link Between Worlds is, and we'd be more than okay if Link's Awakening received the same careful treatment. Besides, Breath of the Wild is wonderful, but I've no objections to retreating to a classic top-down 2D Zelda for at least one title. Nintendo 3DS, Switch, I don't care which vessel carries Link the shores of Koholint again. I just want to see it happen. —Nadia Oxford

Rez 2

One of my favorite big conference moments in recent years was at the PlayStation Experience in 2015, when Rez creator Tetsuya Mizuguchi appeared on stage to demo another remaster of his on-rails rhythm shooter Rez in VR. He was also wearing a badass "synesthesia suit" which vibrated in rhythm, much like the controversial Trance Vibrator. Rez Infinite is easily the best version of the game yet, partially because its VR version is great; and also because Area X, the new level added, shows the potential of what a new Rez could accomplish in the modern era of video games.

So that's why it's my biggest wish, and it would be a huge surprise too. I don't think it's a sequel that many would expect, and as the game is approaching its 20 year anniversary in three years, there's no better time for it. Give me Rez 2 with some VR gimmick and a thumpin' new soundtrack. It'd be great and beautiful and above all else, it would be a pleasant surprise on whatever stage it graces. —Caty McCarthy

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