The Elder Scrolls Online Kicks Off Update 17, Dragon Bones DLC

The Elder Scrolls Online Kicks Off Update 17, Dragon Bones DLC

Do not play the skeleton dragon's rib cage like a xylophone. Just kidding, go for it.

The promised expansion for The Elder Scrolls Online, Dragon Bones, is up and at 'em. It delivers exactly what it says on the tin: A life-or-death struggle against a skeletal dragon foe.

That's not all Dragon Bones has to offer, of course. The storyline for the expansion takes you through a scenario wherein you must stop a deranged Dragon Priest from unleashing a frightening plague on Tamriel. There are new enemies to slay, new armor and accessories to collect, over-eager necromancers to neutralize—and a new hat for you to wear. Specifically, the Renegade Dragon Priest mask. Dire circumstances are no excuse for letting fashion slide. Check out the latest round of patch notes for a point-by-point breakdown of what's changed.

Everyone who plays The Elder Scrolls Online will also experience the effects of "Update 17," which upgrades the MMO's combat system. The alterations make it more rewarding to fight with friends, makes your shield blocks more useful, and adds depth to your heavy attacks.

"Zoiks! Let's get outta here, Scoob!"

Update 17 also lets you tweak every aspect of your character's appearance and store all your vendor trash (sorry, "valuables") in safe boxes at your home base. Finally, levelling-up is now less stressful thanks to the addition of a "skills advisor" that can help you put your character on the right growth track. Think of it as an MMO guidance councillor, but unlike the councillor who hounded you in high school, you can turn the skills advisor off whenever you want.

You can find more info about Update 17 on the official The Elder Scrolls Online site.

Dragon Bones and Update 17 are available now on the PC / Mac versions of The Elder Scrolls Online. Dragon Bones is free with ESO Plus membership, and it can otherwise be purchased in-game from the Crown Store.

Dragon Bones and Update 17 comes to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game on February 27.

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