The First Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival Will Be in Indianapolis

Wizards, point your brooms towards Indianapolis.

Niantic and WB Games will be hosting the first live fan event for Harry Potter: Wizards Unite on Labor Day weekend. The fan festival will be held in Indianapolis, Indiana from August 31 to September 1 at White River State Park.

Like the Pokemon fan events, the Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival will allow players who enjoy Niantic's latest AR game to gather in a physical space and partake in special events. Players who gather at the fan festivals can usually expect to encounter a unique creature, and maybe work together to unlock rewards that become available to Harry Potter players worldwide.

At Indianapolis, players will be able to solve the mystery of the "Calamity" and "discover mysterious artifacts, cast spells, and encounter fantastic beasts alongside their friends and other players."

As this is the very first fan festival for Niantic's recently launched Harry Potter AR game, it's not known what kind of special events will be present. Hopefully hosting years of Pokemon Go live events have given Niantic the expertise to not fumble out the gates. The very first Pokemon Go live event was notoriously riddled with poor reception and overcrowded lines.

However, since then Niantic has hosted several more Pokemon Go live events and most of those have gone off without a hitch. So hopefully there's no drama with the inaugural Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Fan Festival.

Niantic's Harry Potter AR game is like its massively popular Pokemon Go mobile game, where players can walk around in the real world and interact with virtual creatures from their smartphone screens. So far, Niantic's efforts with the world of Harry Potter feels less magical than Pokemon, but the game was only recently released.

For more, check out our Harry Potter: Wizards Unite guide for news and tips on Niantic's latest mobile game.

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