The First English Trailer for the Netflix-Exclusive Remake of Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back is Here

The First English Trailer for the Netflix-Exclusive Remake of Pokemon: Mewtwo Strikes Back is Here

Pikachu tears, now in 3D.

Pokemon: The First Movie holds a special place in my heart, as it probably does for a number of people in my generation that grew up in the middle of Poke-Mania. Today, Netflix released a trailer for the North American release of a reimagining of Mewtwo's revenge story.

Pokemon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution already premiered in Japan last year, but the CGI version of Pokemon's first feature-length story is finally coming to Netflix in the United States. Netflix put out a trailer accompanying a release date of Thursday, Feb. 27.

I've had about, let's say, 20 minutes to stew on this trailer over a few rewatches, and my current feelings as of publication are: it seems fine. I'm not over the moon about the style, unlike Netflix's anime-infused Castlevania animated series. However, it's not terrible, and seems like it could grab a younger generation better than the older drawing styles might. At some point, I've got to put my nostalgia to the side.

The movie's already out in Japan, so there's little chance of a backlash causing some sort of soul-crushing crunch to rework this version. Will I watch it? Sure. Will I like it? No clue. Will I cry during the scene where Pikachu weeps over Ash's petrified body? Absolutely.

Netflix seems to really be getting into the video game adaptation movement. Alongside Castlevania and the Pokemon movie, Netflix is picking up features like Dragon Quest: Your Story and the Ni No Kuni movie.

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