Panzer Dragoon Remake Studio is Tackling The House of the Dead Next

Panzer Dragoon Remake Studio is Tackling The House of the Dead Next

But where's Typing of the Dead?

Polish publisher Forever Entertainment is keen on Sega remakes, and the company has just confirmed it's tackling another pair of classics. In addition to the Panzer Dragoon remakes coming to the Nintendo Switch, Forever Entertainment is working on remakes of The House of the Dead and The House of the Dead 2.

Forever Entertainment confirmed that it would helm remakes of the first two games in The House of the Dead series today on Twitter. News of the remakes first surfaced last week at, which reported that MegaPixel Studio—a developer subsidiary of Forever Entertainment—would take the lead on development. Forever Entertainment has yet to announce a release window or which platforms it is developing the remakes for.

The House of the Dead series has remained largely dormant for years until the release of last year's new arcade title, House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn. The series' light gun zombie shooting proved a decent fit for the Nintendo Wii, which received a port of the second and third installments along with a spin-off, The House of the Dead: Overkill. Overkill was later ported to the PC in 2013 as a Typing of the Dead game.

We got our first glimpse of Forever Entertainment and MegaPixel Studio's remake of Panzer Dragoon for the Switch during Nintendo's E3 presentation earlier this year. The remake of Panzer Dragoon is slated for release later this year, with Panzer Dragoon 2 Zwei following at a later date. Forever Entertainment has published over a dozen games on the Nintendo Switch in 2019 alone.

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