The Fortnite Countdown Timer Hits Zero, the Rocket Launches, and a Tear Appears in the Sky

The Fortnite Countdown Timer Hits Zero, the Rocket Launches, and a Tear Appears in the Sky

What exactly happened after all the teasing of a rocket timer from Epic?

The Fortnite countdown timer has now expired! As everyone was expecting, the rocket launched into the sky, but then what happened?

Well, it's hard to say. In the game that we were in, the booster section of the rocket fell back on the Fortnite map, in Anarchy Acres. Loads of players, including ourselves, descended on the booster section and destroyed it with pickaxes, only to discover that it contained nothing of interest at all.

But what about the rest of the rocket? Once we were done hacking away at the booster section of the rocket, a blue light pierced the sky, and it appeared as though the rocket had slammed back onto the ground.

But if you looked up to the sky after the initial explosion, a blue tear was visible across the sky. You can see a screenshot of the blue tear in the sky just below, which is still in Fortnite, well past the rocket having taken off.

We should point out that we have absolutely no clue what this means, or how it could set up Season 5 of Fortnite, which is only just over a week away from launching on June 12. Epic sure does love a tease though, and this is sure to keep us guessing until Season 5 eventually launches.

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