The Games We Hope Will be Announced in 2018

There are already some great games coming in 2018. These are the games that we want to join them.

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2018 has come roaring out of the gate, with games like Monster Hunter: World and Dragon Ball FighterZ on the immediate horizon. We know a number of games that are already announced and releasing in 2018, though the back half of the year is rather clear right now. We've already written about our Most Anticipated Games of 2018, those titles that have been announced with release windows this year. Caty also took a look at the indie games you should be on the look out for in 2018.

This list is different. We're outlining the games that we hope will be announced or launched in 2018. Maybe there are rumors, maybe we speculate a bit, maybe we simply pray that these games are being worked on. This is our wish list of games for 2018.

Armored Core

The Souls games and their Bloodborne offshoot might have made From Software popular, but that's not the only game in the company's past. One of From's tentpole titles was the Armored Core series, letting players create their own giants mechs and send them out on the battlefield. From the first release in 1997, From Software was remarkably consistent with Armored Core releases, but the steam ran out in 2008. Armored Core: Verdict Day for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2013 was the last entry; it wasn't bad, great either.

The time is ripe and From Software has the resources to deliver an excellent Armored Core on modern platform. The 20th Anniversary was in 2017 and From Software marketing manager Yasunori Ogura told fans on Twitter to wait a while longer for a game announcement. 2018 is a while longer, right?—Mike Williams

Animal Crossing Switch

The likelihood of Animal Crossing coming to Switch this year is pretty low, but when E3 rolls around, I wouldn't be surprised if something new is teased. It's been six years since Animal Crossing: New Leaf first launched on the Nintendo 3DS, and even with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp infiltrating mobile phones everywhere late last year, it feels like it's about the right time for a new and true Animal Crossing experience. Even with the series' recent interest in spin-offs (Pocket Camp, Happy Home Designer, Amiibo Festival), it doesn't nullify fans' desires for a new Animal Crossing game, that like New Leaf, they can take on-the-go as they please. Plus, I wanna see my boy K.K. Slider in HD, baby. —Caty McCarthy

Mega Man X9

2018 is the Year of Mega Man, baby. We're getting the Legacy Collections on Switch, we're getting re-releases of the X games, and we're also getting the small, insignificant bonus of Mega Man 11. I'm happy, of course, but I won't be truly fulfilled until Mega Man X9 becomes a thing. Capcom? Throw me a frickin' mecha-bone this year, won't you? An announcement will be fine, though I'll remain guarded and wary until the game is in my hands. Mega Man Legends 3 took a little piece of my soul with it when it was cancelled. —Nadia Oxford

Devil May Cry 5

I enjoyed DmC: Devil May Cry, but I admit I'm glad to potentially see classic Dante back on the playing field. Devil May Cry 2/3/4 and Dragon's Dogma director Hideaki Itsuno is working on something, but he has yet to reveal what that is. Itsuno even updated fans on Twitter at year's end, letting them know that he's "making a great game". Bayonetta 3 is already coming to Nintendo Switch, can we get some more stylish hard action in 2018? This one feels like it's already a reality, Capcom just needs to announce it. —Mike Williams

Jet Set Radio

I've been longing for a new Jet Set Radio for literally over a decade. The first game is one of my favorites of all-time; its Xbox-exclusive sequel featuring music from the likes of Cibo Matto is a game I've only experienced at friend's houses (I never owned an Xbox). Nonetheless, Jet Set Radio was a formative game for me: it was zany and colorful, with a soundtrack that couldn't be beat. Jet Set Radio was one of the first games that made me really fall in love with video games. And its anarchic spirit of graffitiing the world, saying "eff you" to the police, and doing that all while donning the coolest outfits one could muster has never gone out of style. If anything, it's more timely than ever before. Bring back Jet Set Radio, Sega. —Caty McCarthy

Persona 5: The Crimson

Modern Persona games undergo a birth, then a portable rebirth. It happened with Persona 3, it happened with Persona 4, and I have little doubt it's going to happen with Persona 5. The only questions are "when," "on what system," and "what kind of goofy subtitle can we expect?"

While I doubt we'll see the Persona 5 remake this year, I do believe it'll be announced. I also believe it'll hit the Switch because … well, duh. Maybe the poor PS Vita will get one final shot of life courtesy of Atlus, too. I'd be OK with that. As for the subtitle, I guess that's up for wild debate. Crimson? The Crimson? Crimson-and-Black? Blood Red with a Burnt Black Cinnamon Swirl? Mmm. Burnt cinnamon. —Nadia Oxford


The era of inventive racing games is long-gone. Midnight Club: Los Angeles from 2008 was a superb arcade-style racing game, which hosted the thrill of Pink Slip Races where two players raced one another and the winner was awarded their opponent's car. There was risk and reward to it; it was an intense system. Elsewhere, Burnout was skidding its own path of encouraging mass destruction rather than who could be the fastest.

Consequently, a lot of the racing games of today pale in comparison: they capitalize on looking the best they can, and not much else. It doesn't matter what series you point to—Forza, Gran Turismo, Need for Speed—they're all relatively boring.

A new Burnout would (hopefully) not be boring. While the original series' creators made something similar to Burnout's crash mode last year in Danger Zone, it wasn't great. After seeing Danger Zone in action, I wonder if the ideal answer to a new Burnout would be something of a Sonic Mania situation: giving the series to someone else who loved Burnout who can make it better than it's ever been before. That's what I want in 2018. A refreshing Burnout from a team that loves it, and knows what makes it tick. —Caty McCarthy

Forza Horizon 4

Another game that feels like a foregone conclusion. Microsoft has Forza stewards Turn 10 Studios and Playground Games alternating each year: you get a Forza Motorsport game, and the next year you have a Forza Horizon game. That means 2018 should see the release of a new Forza Horizon. Rumors point to the game being set in Japan this year, but right now those are just rumors. Either way, Forza Horizon stands as the current height of the arcade race genre, as Need for Speed has ceded the competition completely, Midnight Club no longer exists, and every other developer in the genre has closed up shop. So hey, I need that Forza Horizon this year. Hopefully, Playground Games doesn't add loot boxes.—Mike Williams

A 2D Legend of Zelda title for the Switch

At the time of this writing, there are rumors about The Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds pooooossibly becoming a thing on the Switch. That'd be great; Link Between Worlds is an incredible follow-up to A Link to the Past, and I'd relish the chance to play it in HD. I'd also gobble up another Link Between Worlds-style remake of another classic Zelda game. Zelda II: The Adventure of Link is so overdue for a second chance. —Nadia Oxford

Splinter Cell

Back in 2013, a few months before the launch of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Ubisoft released Splinter Cell: Blacklist. It was frankly a great game that simply got lost in the shuffle of the new console generation. I kept waiting for Ubisoft to offer a version on PS4 and Xbox One, but it never happened. So now I'm left with the vein hope that Ubisoft is currently working on a new Splinter Cell game, using everything they learned from Blacklist to build a new stealth action title.

I would prefer a single-player game with expansive level, not unlike the current Hitman game. Spies vs Mercs would coming along for the ride though. If you want to go open-world, Metal Gear Solid V showed the blueprint; just do that with Sam Fisher. Tom Clancy games like The Division, Ghost Recon, and Rainbow Six may rule the roost at Ubisoft right now, but Splinter Cell remains the king of my heart. Plus, Blacklist creative director Maxime Beland is working on an unannounced project and I want to see him talk more about ghosts and panthers.—Mike Williams

WarioWare Switch

The WarioWare series has been in a pickle. Some WarioWare games are even downright bad. And yet, sometimes I find myself missing it. Whether that's because of its hellish microgames or the adorable art from artist Ko Takeuchi, WarioWare has always been a series that I admired and wished there was more from. With the Switch's touchscreen, there's definitely potential for WarioWare to make a comeback. And heck, maybe even bring back Rhythm Heaven (again) while they're at it. —Caty McCarthy

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  • Avatar for guillermojiménez88 #1 guillermojiménez88 3 months ago
    Metroid 5.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #2 SatelliteOfLove 3 months ago
    I am a simple man:

    Trails to Zero

    Trails of Azure

    Trails of Cold Steel 3
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  • Avatar for link6616 #3 link6616 3 months ago
    @SatelliteOfLove I'd be fine with just trails 1-3 on switch this year, evolution versions.

    Next year cold steel 1-3.
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  • Avatar for NiceGuyNeon #4 NiceGuyNeon 3 months ago
    @guillermojiménez88 Yes. That one. 2D Metroid 5. No remakes, no silly BS with the Federation, no 3D shooters (well, I want that one too, but still), just Metroid 5.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #5 MetManMas 3 months ago
    I would definitely love to have a new Armored Core game. There used to be a time when we'd see a new one every year or two, but it's been over four years since Verdict Day now and I've been disappointed there hasn't been news of a new one for PS4 and maybe Xbone. Other mecha game peoples just don't do mecha games like FromSoftware does them.

    I think chances are good that we'll at least hear news about Animal Crossing Switch this year. The mobile game, albeit a bit lacking to put it lightly, still looks primed to get new players interested in the property. If Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp gets people to buy Nintendo Switches for the new entry, it's done its job.

    Though I'm sure the licensed music would be excised from any PS SHARE videos, I would still love a new Jet Set Radio game. I prefer JSRF over the original for many reasons,* and I would love to see a new game in the series that's even better.

    WarioWare...I'm really disappointed we never saw a new one on the 3DS. I would've killed for an even better version of WarioWare D.I.Y., the last handheld game in the series. But aside from Rhythm Heaven we haven't seen anything remotely like WarioWare since Game and Wario. Hope the series isn't going the way of F-Zero and Advance Wars, relegated to cameos in other games...

    * Better controls, bigger environments, an interconnected world to explore, easier ways to keep up momentum, boosts, no arcade timers (except in challenge stages and one other place), no jump replay videos screwing up your jump, way more reliable grinding, the bigger emphasis on "How do I get to that spray point", mummies with bowler hats, etc.

    Like, I get that some people may miss the more arcade-like elements, but personally I do not miss having to put in multiple joystick rotations to finish a big tag while hoping some invincible jetpack assholes I can't get rid of won't screw me over.
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #6 Gamer-Law 3 months ago
    I would love to see a new installment in the Bravely franchise (although I would settle for a Switch port of the first two games) and/or a new Advance Wars game.
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  • Avatar for camchow #7 camchow 3 months ago
    Going to vote for Advance Wars again cause it needs to happen and also because otherwise I'm pretty satisfied with gaming over all lately.

    I mean I could complain that the new game in the Front Mission series isn't going to be a tactical SRPG but whatever.

    People love Fire Emblem, people love Xcom, so why aren't Advance Wars and Front Mission really coming out for me to love on them.
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  • Avatar for RushDawg #8 RushDawg 3 months ago
    THANK YOU for including Jet Set Radio Caty. I'm glad I'm not the only one who still remembers that gem. I'd be happy with a HD port of Jet Set Radio at this point, though my dream would be for SEGA to collaborate with Nintendo's Splatoon team on a proper sequel.
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  • Avatar for swamped #9 swamped 3 months ago
    The planet needs more WarioWare.

    If you're not following Ko Takeuchi on Twitter, treat yourself.
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  • Avatar for NateDizzy #10 NateDizzy 3 months ago
    Pls, pls, PLEASE let DMC5 be real!
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  • Avatar for matthewjohnson31 #11 matthewjohnson31 3 months ago
    Well, since we're asking for shit from the early 2000s, I want a sequel to Dragon Quarter.
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  • Avatar for Daikon #12 Daikon 3 months ago
    What I'd like to have announced:

    Red Dead Redemption for PC
    Half Life 3
    The Elder Scrolls VI
    Dishonored 3 (one can always dream)
    Shadow Tactics 2
    Pilot Wings Switch
    A new Final Fantasy Tactics game
    A new Turrican game
    A new Monkey Island game
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  • Avatar for ghostsandgoblins #13 ghostsandgoblins 3 months ago
    I would love to see continued support of the 3DS with GBA virtual console games. I’d also love another wave of 3DS selects.
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  • Avatar for SkywardShadow #14 SkywardShadow 3 months ago
    Yes to armored core! I also need more Final Fantasy Tactics and Ogre Battle in my life.
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  • Avatar for docexe #15 docexe 3 months ago
    I mentioned it on another thread but whatever: What I want the most is a new F-Zero for Switch. At this point I’m willing to accept Nintendo merely remaking either X or GX with HD graphics and calling it a day, I just want F-Zero back.

    It’s been thirteen years since the series went dormant, very few developers are making futuristic racers these days, and while the “FAST” series from Shin’en is good, it’s just not the same. Also, they have already resurrected Metroid and Star Fox (even if, admittedly, Star Fox Zero was not well received by the fandom).

    Heck, there is this recent trend from Nintendo of releasing games with colorful characters and a “cool”, teenage-oriented aesthetic, and the thing is that F-Zero already had both when the very first game appeared on the SNES. A new F-Zero game would fit like a glove along the likes of ARMS and Splatoon. I mean, it’s just time: Bring F-Zero back, Nintendo!Edited January 2018 by docexe
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  • Avatar for ojinnvoltz #16 ojinnvoltz 3 months ago
    I'd love a new Splinter Cell, but it'd just be another Ubisoft open world checklist game.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #17 MetManMas 3 months ago
    @RushDawg There was already an HD port of Jet Set Radio back on 360 and PS3. Sadly, the gameplay aspect of the game hasn't aged well. I really missed some of the quality of life improvements from JSRF, like having easy ways to keep up momentum and being able to reliably latch onto grinding points.
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  • Avatar for LBD_Nytetrayn #18 LBD_Nytetrayn 3 months ago
    I could do with a new OutRun and Streets of Rage.

    Whether those are before or after a new Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing, I'm not sure.Edited January 2018 by LBD_Nytetrayn
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  • Avatar for TheWildCard #19 TheWildCard 3 months ago
    @SatelliteOfLove Can't imagine we'll get the crossbell games until Xseed is done with the Cold Steel games. III and IV should be announced for localization though.

    Pie in the sky wishes:

    Virtua Fighter 6
    New Tactics Ogre/Ogre Battle
    Valkyrie Profile 3 (that doesn't suck)
    Suikoden VI (lol)

    More realistic end:

    Elder Scrolls VI
    Advance Wars
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  • Avatar for DrCorndog #20 DrCorndog 3 months ago
    WarioWare? Give me Wario LAND on Switch.
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  • Avatar for Vanderdulpp #21 Vanderdulpp 3 months ago
    So glad there’s another Zelda II defender! It’s still my favorite (though I haven’t beaten BotW quite yet).
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  • Avatar for Vanderdulpp #22 Vanderdulpp 3 months ago
    @DrCorndog we are LONG overdue for a Nintendo-developed WL5.
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  • Avatar for ReptilianSamurai #23 ReptilianSamurai 3 months ago
    @SatelliteOfLove with you on all things legend of heroes: trails. I'd also love those games ported to switch!

    Also on the wishlist: Sonic Mania 2. End the Sonic cycle, just give us more from these devs.

    How about Mario kart 9?

    I also hope to see more on 3DS. It's still the easier portable to actually take with me.
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  • Avatar for ReptilianSamurai #24 ReptilianSamurai 3 months ago
    @DrCorndog we're way overdue for more Warioland
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  • Avatar for donkeyintheforest #25 donkeyintheforest 3 months ago
    -Jet Grind Radio vs Splatoon crossover in the fashion of puyo puyo vs tetris haha
    -A couch co-op/competitive fishing game in the vein of smash bros
    -pikmin: builders (like dragon quest builders but with pikmin)
    -a new Decent
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #26 SatelliteOfLove 3 months ago
    I also wonder what Almost Human is up to. Been 3.5 years.


    Evo ones are locked in rights limbo. And they monkeyed with the music and World-Class Portraits.


    We apparently need Zero and Azure from here on.

    Also, yeah! VF6. If we got VC4, maybe enough of the old band can get back together for that too. C'mon Sega!
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  • Avatar for MARl0 #27 MARl0 3 months ago
    F-Zero for Switch. It's been long enough Nintendo. Do it.
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  • Avatar for RushDawg #28 RushDawg 3 months ago

    You're right, I meant to say HD port of Jet Set Radio Future.

    I know that some of the gameplay hasn't aged gracefully (mapping camera centring and spray painting to the same button for example), but I still find the game infinitely replayable. I get sucked into the music and style of the game and always end up having a blast, even if I have to battle the controls while I'm playing.
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  • Avatar for BulkSlash #29 BulkSlash 3 months ago
    Damn, I want all the games listed here, especially a new Jet Set Radio and a new Zelda in the style of A Link Between Worlds (which is my favourite Zelda game alongside ALttP and Ocarina).

    I’d really love a follow up to Splinter Cell Blacklist too, I played that to death on the Wii U back in the day. Other than getting rid of the forced combat missions I’d just love to see more of the same from Blacklist.
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  • Avatar for SuperShinobi #30 SuperShinobi 3 months ago
    I'd like an og trilogy-based PSVR Star Wars game, with X-Wing sections, FPS sections using the AIM controller and lightsaber battles using the Move controller.

    Also, a Panzer Dragoon remake for VR and BloodBorne 2 as a PS5 launch game. Then I'd like Sony to digitally release some of the missing PS1 and PSP classics on the Vita - games like R-Types, Gradius Collection, Ultimate Ghosts & Goblins and Wipeout XL. And Revenge of Shinobi HD.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2018 by SuperShinobi
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  • Avatar for Ralek #31 Ralek 3 months ago
    Baten Kaitos remake/reboot/sequel whatever - they deserve a break from Xeno...

    Someone bringing back Shadow Hearts and someone bringing back Incubation. Neither won't have happen obviously, but this seems the appropriate place for wishful thinking.

    As far as expected announcements go, I really hope that Fire Emblem Switch will have the courage to hark back to at least PoR. Less focus on personal drama, love interests, anime cliches and breeding please, more focus on a compelling story in an interesting world with at least remotely relateable characters.

    Also, PoR had an interesting socio-political undercurrent, e.g. in the way the Laguz and the Branded were portrayed. I want more of that. In general though, the politics of Tellius felt more meaningful and 'real' - as far as these things go in a fantasy game like that. The whole thing had the sort of emotional weight that punched far beyond the weightclass of "I want to see my waifu kick ass!" (to paraphrase^^). I don't mind some lighthearted banter, but often enough it felt totally out of place. You are on a battlefield, slaughtering human beings left and right, supposedly fighting for the survival of your people or to overcome some existence-threatening evil ... only to be paused to hear some school-girl -level chit-chat all of the sudden ...

    Don't take out the breeding and the waifus, they seem necessary for the series going forward, but de-emphasize these elements, stick to a coherent tone, and again, pay attention to the world and the conflics that drive it and it's characters forward. Noone is going to turn the clock back on the series, but that doesn't mean that every game has to be Fates.
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  • Avatar for Gamer-Law #32 Gamer-Law 3 months ago
    I would like to second everything that@Ralek wrote about the forthcoming Fire Emblem Switch title.

    That said, Fire Emblem Echoes underwhelming sales numbers leads me to the conclusion that most of what you have requested probably will not happen, but I am on board with everything you wrote.
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #33 touchofkiel 3 months ago
    Final Fantasy XIV 5.0! Of course it will be announced this year, and probably released summer 2019. I'm just excited to hear what it will be.

    Other than that... is this just a wish list, or should be it realistic? Because I'm really hoping to hear/see more of FFVII remake. Whether it's good or bad, I'm a big enough fan of the original that I'm really excited to see what kind of changes they make. It could be a disaster, but I think it will be an interesting disaster. FFVII is one of the messiest achievements of all time.

    I really don't care about Armored Core or any sort of mech stuff, but I do hope we see a Demon's Souls remaster for Ps4...
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  • Avatar for Ralek #34 Ralek 3 months ago
    @Gamer-Law To be fair though, Echeos was in many ways quite literally turning the clock back ... I enjoyed the game for the most part, but I understand how it failed to click with FE fans, who were mainly socialized with Awakening/Fates and Heroes. Still, like I said, I hope there is a middle ground to be found here. Somewhere between these games and a game like PoR (which already had a fair bit of customization, and that was actually making the game quite a bit better imho). My main issues is not really with mechanics either, but they are they are presented. Like I said before, much of it just doesn't gel that well with the rest of the game tonally.

    Echoes was bit more grounded and gritty, and I liked that, but again the lack of core features that made NDS and mobile FE so popular no doubt hurt it's popularity. I hope you are wrong in terms of Nintendo interpreting this in the same way DC interpreted the reaction to BvS and Suicide Squad - aka we need more jokes, and make it more lighthearted. I doubt that the grittier tone of Echoes was what let the game down. Ultimately, it was an old game at it's heart, and you could feel that.

    I still have faith. I don't want FE to go the way of the vast majority of anime these days, where it's all shonen adaptions, teen drama and slice-of-life one-offs. There are _some_ genuinely good shows hidden within these mounting piles of .... shallowness (Made in Abyss is quite amazing for example imho), but more and more I feel like I'll never see another Legend of Galactic Heroes or something like that. So yeah ... we'll see.

    PS: LoGH would make an AMAZING!! framework for a new kind of Advance-Wars-meets-Fire-Emblem-meets-Space-Opera tactical RPG game. I mean .... basically, it could be everything Infinite Space was supposed to be, but better and with an amazing narrative foundation! :-)
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