The Half-Life: Alyx Speedrun at Summer Games Done Quick Was Real Weird and Mind-Blowing

The Half-Life: Alyx Speedrun at Summer Games Done Quick Was Real Weird and Mind-Blowing

Runner Buffet Time had to physically fit through glitches in the environment.

Late last night, a speedrun for Valve's Half-Life: Alyx took place at Summer Games Done Quick 2020. The run got real weird real quick, with the speedrunner contorting their body and rapidly moving around their play area to fit through walls and glitches in the surrounding environment.

Ordinarily in a speedrun, the runner might crouch down to glitch through walls and other objects in the environment (as was actually the case earlier this week with the excellent Alien: Isolation speedrun). Being a VR game, Half-Life: Alyx tracks your physical movements, which means runner Buffet Time had to physically crouch or get down on the floor when they needed to glitch through a certain part of their surroundings.

Watching the entire speedrun was an absolute blast. It was pretty mindblowing to see the runner contorting their body to fit through a designated space in the surrounding environment, for example lying down on the ground to pass through the very bottom of a wall. Head over to GameDoneQuick's Twitch channel for an archive of Buffet Time's speedrun.

Runner Buffet Time physically moving around to fit through glitches. | GamesDoneQuick

I can only imagine it was really physically draining for Buffet Time as well. It wasn't just a case of physical lying down on the ground and pressing forward to advance through an area - in multiple cases they had to get on the floor and weave around a little bit to find just the right angle to fit through.

And on top of all this, they even had time to stop and write "Black Lives Matter" using the in-game marker board. Good on you, Buffet Time.

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