The Hotel Dusk Team is Working on a New Mystery Game for the Nintendo 3DS

The Hotel Dusk Team is Working on a New Mystery Game for the Nintendo 3DS

Hopefully Chase: Unsolved Cases will receive a translation and inject new life into Hotel Dusk's lukewarm legacy.

Earlier this week, Phoenix Wright fans got some awesome news. Seems we're not done with cool announcements for visual novel enthusiasts, though. CING alumni from Arc System Works are putting together another interactive story -- and the project is headed by Taisuke Kanasaki, the director of 2007's Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the Nintendo DS.

Kanasaki's new game is called Chase: Unsolved Cases Investigation Division – Distant Memories. It looks to be a detective story that's not wholly unlike Hotel Dusk. One of the two main characters even resembles Hotel Dusk's Kyle Hyde, though the former remembered to grow a mustache to go along with his chin hair.

If you need a recap, Hotel Dusk follows former NYPD officer Kyle Hyde as he attempts to unravel the mystery behind a dusty old hotel that's eerily connected to the death of his former friend and partner, Brian Bradley. If you're still having trouble remembering anything about the game, you might recall it spurred a lot of "Take On Me" jokes because of its jumpy pencil-sketch art style.

"Sorry. I'll be gone in a day or two."

Chase: Unsolved Cases Investigation is coming to Japan's Nintendo 3DS eShop this spring. You can browse a teaser site for the game and listen to what's presumably a bit of in-game music.

While it'd be awesome to feel confident about Chase coming to the West, it's probably a 50-50 chance. The original Hotel Dusk came to us when North America was starting to fall heavily in love with text-heavy mystery games thanks to the success of Phoenix Wright, but Kyle Hyde never achieved the same level of popularity as his lawyer brethren.

Hotel Dusk still managed a sequel for the Nintendo DS in 2010, shortly before CING filed for bankruptcy. Nintendo of Europe distributed Last Window: Secret of Cape West to English-speaking audiences overseas, but those of us under the umbrella of Nintendo of America remain out of luck.

CING's bankruptcy might've had something to do with Last Window's absence over here. Though, 2010 was also around the same time Nintendo of America became inexplicably disinterested in giving us Xenoblade Chronicles X, The Last Story, and other games that had already received an English localization for European audiences.

Detective staples: Cigarettes and Shoes™

The Nintendo DS isn't region locked, so you can play Last Window without a problem as long as you can secure a copy. Brace yourself, though: Copies don't come cheap.

In a perfect world, Nintendo has secret plans to publish Chase across Europe and North America. If fate is especially kind, we'll see Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: Secret of Cape West on the Nintendo DS Virtual Console. No matter which angle you look at CING's work from, Kyle Hyde's saga never received all the attention it deserves. No doubt tons of players would love a second chance with the scruffy loner.

But even if a translation / localization never happens, it's great to know Taisuke Kanasaki has another mystery in the works.

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