The Humble Freedom Bundle Raises $6.43M for ACLU and Other Charities

The Humble Freedom Bundle Raises $6.43M for ACLU and Other Charities

The more we play Stardew Valley, the freer we all become.

Freedom and video games: They go together like barbeques and hamburgers. Gamers got appropriately riled up for the Humble Freedom Bundle, which ran last week and closed out yesterday with $6.43M raised for numerous charities.

"Thanks all for making this happen!" the official Humble Bundle Twitter account stated yesterday. The $6.43M, which doesn't include the $300,000 Humble Bundle is donating, goes to the ACLU, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Rescue Committee.

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The Humble Freedom Bundle is one of the organization's most ambitious bundles to date. It lashed together a prime selection of games and books, including Stardew Valley, Nuclear Throne, The Witness, Song of the Deep, Garth Ennis' The Boys Volume 1, and many more goodies.

Overall, 201423 Humble Freedom Bundles were sold. Listen closely next time you're outdoors and you may hear the triumphant scream of an eagle.

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