The Humble Store Kicks Off Its DRM-Free Holiday Sale

The Humble Store Kicks Off Its DRM-Free Holiday Sale

This may be a good opportunity to get caught up on some of the games you missed out on.

Much of the world is preparing to plunge headlong into Christmas. For some lucky folks, that means a bit of a break until the new year picks up. And that means more time for video games.

While you may find yourself owning a shiny new console once the sleigh bells have jingled their last, you should consider going back and trying something you've missed up until this point. If that's the case, the Humble Store has your back with its DRM-Free Holiday Sale.

The sale goes on for a week starting today, and features discounts on over 200 titles across a multitude of genres. New games go on sale every 48 hours, and many of the discounted titles include a DRM-free build as well as a Steam key.

One of the most noteworthy games kicking off the sale is Broforce, a cooperative run-and-gun game that's basted in macho American stereotypes and served alongside alien queens, dark lords, and skeleton centipedes. It's as ridiculous -- and as fun -- as it sounds.

Other early sale games include Helldivers, Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1-3 Collection, and the recent Turok restoration by Night Dive Studios. Even with Turok's improved resolution and increased draw distance, it looks a touch primitive by today's standards -- albeit charmingly so. It also has guys riding armed triceratopses like tanks, and that's a concept that's hard to say "No" to.

10% of your purchase goes to a charity of your choice. There are over 30,000 to choose from, including Red Cross, The Wikimedia Foundation, and Child's Play. You get to play games and lend a helping hand to people in need. That's a pretty good arrangement.

Make sure to check into the Humble Store regularly to keep up with new sales.

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