The Last Japanese Trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield Keeps its Reveals Short and Sweet

The Last Japanese Trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield Keeps its Reveals Short and Sweet

Blink and you'll miss two more Pokemon Game Freak wants to show you ahead of release.

With only a few days left to go before the launch of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Game Freak's final Japanese trailer for the games is pretty restrained. While there are glimpses of a couple unfamiliar Pokemon, it's mostly a whirlwind recap tour of what we've seen from the Galar region so far.

If you were hoping for an official reveal for evolved forms of Grookey, Scorbunny, or Sobble ahead of Friday's release, then you'll be sad to hear that only their loveable base forms appear in this trailer. In fact, unless there are other newcomers doing their best "Where's Waldo" lurking in the background of certain scenes, the new trailer only features two previously unrevealed Pokemon.

At about 23 seconds into the trailer, we catch a brief look at an odd-looking Pokemon that resembles some hunks of gray pottery with a snake painted or etched onto its surface. Hey, they can't all be cute like Wooloo.

Later, striking a pose next to a Lapras and an Abomasnow is a figure that must be related to a classic Gen 1 Pokemon: Mr. Mime. Judging by the bowler hat, mustache, and cane, it seems like this is a Galarian evolved form of our disturbingly humanoid silent-performer Pokemon. If so, between this chap, Sirfetch'd, and Galarian Weezing, you've got the beginnings of a Pokemon team themed around Gen 1 Pokemon facing the inevitable march of time.

Give this gent a briefcase and he wouldn't be out of place in The Ministry of Silly Walks. | Game Freak/The Pokemon Company

Be warned that if you go looking into these new Pokemon, you might come across some of the info that's been leaked in the lead-up to the launch of Sword and Shield. While your urge to know more about Sword and Shield is justified, there's plenty of misinformation floating about amidst the murmurs. If you want to catch up on everything that's been confirmed about Pokemon Sword and Shield ahead of their November 15 release, USG's guide section is a great place to start.

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