Star Wars Porg Invasion Mobile Game is Proof That Porgs Were a Mistake

Porg mania continues!

News by Matt Kim, .

Porgs. These little alien birds are Star Wars' newest sensation. They're also the stars of a new Facebook game available right now called Star Wars: The Last Jediā€”Porg Invasion.

Porgs are a divisive new species introduced to the Star Wars universe in Rian Johnson's The Last Jedi. They're cute but let's just say they're not particularly well liked by Chewbacca. Using your touchscreen (or a mouse if you're playing on a internet browser) you control BB-8 as it tries and catch as many Porgs as it can so that Chewie can fix the Millenium Falcon. Along the way you can pick up power-ups to help catch these annoying critters.

Still, if you're looking for a distraction while waiting in line for Last Jedi tickets, or particularly hate Porgs with a certain passion, you can play Porg Invasion through Facebook's Instant Games. Porg Invasion certainly passes the time, even if it's not a particularly deep experience. Like Porgs themselves, the game is cute, fun, and a little annoying.

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