The Last of Us: Left Behind Guide. How to Find All Artifacts, Trophies and Optional Conversations

The Last of Us: Left Behind Guide. How to Find All Artifacts, Trophies and Optional Conversations

A complete guide to all Artifacts, Trophies and Optional Conversations in Left Behind.

It's been awhile since The Last of Us released on PlayStation 3. Arguably one of the best games the platform has ever seen, fans have been eagerly anticipating more story-driven content from Naughty Dog for a long while now. And with the release of the Left Behind single-player DLC on February 14, they got their wish.

But while some would say it's best to rough it out yourself, we have a guide series for when you hit a roadblock or can't find that elusive collectible. In the interest of Not Making People Mad, we'll do our best to stick to the facts, the bare facts and nothing but the cold-hard facts. Screw spoilers. Enjoy that story yourself firsthand. laying off the spoilers as much as possible, allowing you to enjoy the story firsthand . This walkthrough will show you the location of all Artifacts, Optional Conversations and show you how to unlock all Trophies, including the following:

  • Don't Go - Easy: Finish Left Behind on Easy
  • Don't Go - Normal: Finish Left Behind on Normal
  • Don't Go - Hard: Finish Left Behind on Hard
  • Don't Go - Survivor: Finish Left Behind on Survivor
  • BFFs: All Optional Conversations found in Left Behind
  • Picked Clean: All Left Behind Collectibles Found
  • Nobody's Perfect: Played Jak X Combat Racing
  • Angle Knives - Defeat Black Fang without getting hit
  • Skillz: Win the water gun fight
  • Brick Master: Win the brick throwing contest

It's worth noting that if you complete Left Behind on the Survivor difficulty, you will unlock all four levels of the Don't Go Trophy.

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