The Last of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs

The Last of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs

The Last of Us Part 2 is full of cool Easter eggs and nods to the first game, as well as PlayStation and Naughty Dog history. Here's all of the Easter eggs we've found so far.

The Last of Us Part 2's infected-ridden cities and urban areas are incredibly detailed and jam-packed with easter eggs. These reference everything from old Naughty Dog projects to niche PlayStation devices. It's easy to miss them, and we suspect there are many more than what we've seen so far, but we've compiled a list of the easter eggs that can be found in the game. We'll give a little backstory on each and will be updating this page as we find more.

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SPOILER WARNING: In this guide we have detailed locations and chapters featured in The Last of Us 2. There are major spoilers here, and details on general story direction and playable characters. We recommend proceeding with care.

The Last of Us Part 2 Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are a big part of most Naughty Dog games so it's awesome to see just how many are packed into The Last of Us Part 2. We've included the best ones below. Do let us know in the comments if you've found any, as we'd love to see what else is hidden away in the streets of Seattle.

PlayStation 3 Easter Egg

Some damn fine games | Jake Green/USG

The pandemic that eventually laid waste to the world of The Last of Us began in 2013, which means that the tech is essentially frozen in time from that point on. This means that despite it being decades after its release, the PlayStation 3 can be found in some of the apartments and homes you rifle through.

Uncharted/Jak & Daxter

There are a few Uncharted easter eggs throughout The Last of Us Part 2. The best one can be found next to some of the PS3s we mentioned earlier. You'll find copies of Uncharted 2 around the world. There's also a copy of the Jak & Daxter collection next to ol' Nathan Drake.

Jurassic Park

Just stand still Ellie! | Jake Green/USG

During the museum flashback, Joel makes numerous references to Jurassic Park. He talks about velociraptors and how 'they looked a lot bigger in the movies'. Joel also references the infamous dino poop scene, 'that's one big pile of shit!'

Point Break

The underground bank | Jake Green/USG

If you track down the underground bank during the Seattle Day One chapter (more info on that in our safes guide) you'll hear Dina make some Point Break references. Ellie and Dina speak about 'surfer dudes who rob a bank'. This is clearly referencing the events of Point Break, there must be a fan on the dev team I guess.

PS Vita

Sleep well, sweet prince | Jake Green/USG

We mentioned earlier how the tech is somewhat stunted in The Last of Us Part 2, so much so that a WLF member can be seen playing a PlayStation Vita. You unfortunately kill what must be the last PS Vita owner in the world, and don't even get to loot it from them afterwards (what a waste).

Hotline Miami

So you can come across a PS Vita while playing The Last of Us Part 2, but what's it playing? Well, it's Hotline Miami, and you'll even get to hear some of its fantastic soundtrack after killing the handheld's owner.

Crash Bandicoot (NSFW)

... Jake Green/USG

Okay, this one is very NSFW, but extremely funny. While raiding Eugene's secret weed bunker Dina and Ellie come across his porn stash. One video is named 'Smash Brandi's Cootch', a rather twisted homage to the Crash Bandicoot series.


Looks kinda like a giraffe | Jake Green/USG

The museum flashback is filled with dino-based easter eggs. One involves a diplodocus skeleton which Ellie says 'looks like a giraffe'. This is clearly a nod to the iconic giraffe scene from the first game.

Superhero Cards

The Tesseracter | Jake Green/USG

There are hero trading cards scattered all over the world in The Last of Us Part 2. While they feature original characters, some clearly nod to series like Hellboy, X-Men and the MCU. The Tesseracter seems named after the Tesseract from Marvel, for example.

If you're looking for more on The Last of Us Part 2 be sure to check out our article on the rather strict review embargo that came with the game. You can then check out said review, to see what Kat thought of it overall.

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