The Last of Us Part 2: How to Switch Shoulder While Aiming

The Last of Us Part 2: How to Switch Shoulder While Aiming

Gunfights are pretty tense in The Last of Us Part 2 so you'll want to make sure you're popping out of cover aiming over the correct shoulder. Here's how to switch aiming shoulder.

The Last of Us Part 2 features the same weighty and grounded shooting controls as its predecessor. It can be extremely difficult to hit your target, given the sway of the guns and how erratic some of enemies are when coming towards you. You can switch the shoulder you aim over on the fly, through doing so isn't exactly pointed out in a very clear way. In this guide we'll take a look at how to switch shoulders while aiming in The Last of Us Part 2, and go into a little more detail on the 'Remember Shoulder Swap' option.

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How to Switch Shoulder While Aiming in The Last of Us Part 2

To switch which shoulder you're aiming over in The Last of Us Part you'll need to aim your weapon with L2 and then press square. This allows you to position your aiming reticule on the correct side of your body. This can be used to position yourself while moving out of cover, so you always have more space to aim at an enemy. Controls can be remapped of course, but we found the default setting to be perfectly accurate with every weapon we use. For a full list of the weapons available, head here.

Should You Use the 'Remember Shoulder Swap' Option?

The 'Remember Shoulder Swap' option can be found in the controls menu. It essentially remembers the shoulder you last aimed over and defaults to it when you next pull out your weapon. We found this to be a little troublesome, given how often you switch cover while playing. We recommend sticking with the default option and just swapping the shoulder whenever you need to.

If you're looking for more on The Last of Us Part 2 be sure to check out our article on the rather strict review embargo that came with the game. You can then check out said review, to see what Kat thought of it overall.

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