The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Codes

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Codes

Here's where to find every safe in The Last of Us Part 2 and the safe code for each.

While out exploring the post-pandemic world of The Last of Us Part 2 you'll have the opportunity to find safes. These safes are filled with valuable resources, upgrade items and sometimes even weapons. Some are pretty well hidden but fear not, as we've gathered together this guide on every safe code in the game. We'll tell you where to find them, the combination for each, and any notable items you can get from them.

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SPOILER WARNING: In this guide we have detailed locations and chapters featured in The Last of Us 2. While we have kept major spoilers out of this guide, there are details on general story direction and playable characters. We recommend proceeding with care.

The Last of Us Part 2 Safe Codes and Locations

There are 14 safes to find in total in The Last of Us Part 2 and given that they're pretty well-hidden, it may take a couple of playthroughs to find them all. That is unless you use this handy guide detailing the safe codes and locations for each. We've summarized this info in the table below, but will go into more detail on each further on in the article. Let us know if you have any issues finding a safe, as we'll give you some more info in the comments below.

ChapterLocationSafe Code
Jackson - PatrolShopping Mall office. Employee of the month code07-20-13
Seattle Day One - DowntownUnderground Bank vault60-23-06
Seattle Day One - DowntownWest Gate 204-51
Seattle Day One - DowntownCourthouse - once you find the dead FEDRA soldiers, break the window to the left and vault in86-07-22
Seattle Day One - Capitol HillTripwire area, Thrift Store. 55-01-33
Seattle Day Two - HillcrestGarage behind Tattoo Parlour30-82-65
Seattle Day Two - The SeraphitesIn hotel opposite hospital. Break window to bypass locked door.08-10-83
Seattle Day Two - The SeraphitesIn Weston's Pharmacy, just before you reach hospital38-55-23
Seattle Day Three - Flooded CityIn the building you reach by boat. Safe in locked gate near exit.70-12-64
Day One (Abby) - On FootOnce you climb out of the large warehouse with a boat. Safe in a locked temp building.17-38-07
Day One (Abby) - Hostile TerritoryRow of shops with Jasmine Bakery. Safe is in here.68-96-89
Day One (Abby) - The CoastCruise boat. Up on the top deck near the wheel. 90-77-01
Day Two (Abby) - The ShortcutApartment building. Apartment number code.30-23-04
Day Two (Abby) - The DescentAfter you fall from crane, there's a room at the far side of the gym12-18-79

Jackson Patrol - Employee of the Month Safe Code

Good boy indeed | Jake Green/USG

This safe is located inside the shopping mall you cut through in the Patrol chapter of Jackson. You'll come across a note saying that the safe code is when 'the good boy won employee of the month'. This is referring to the dog displayed on a nearby board. The code is 07-20-13.

Seattle Day One Downtown

Make sure you explore the bank | Jake Green/USG

Upon arriving in Seattle you'll enter a large open area. Head to your left towards the collapsed bank. You can enter via a hole in the wall, so drop down into the bank. At the farside of the bank is a vault and several unsuccessful bank robbers. They will have a note with the code, which is 60-23-06. You'll find a pump shotgun in the vault.

We've marked the position of the bank on this map | Jake Green/USG

Seattle Day One Downtown West Gate 2

The code is the same as the West Gate | Jake Green/USG

You'll have received a list of gate codes as part of the main story, one being West Gate 2. It's to the West of the map, opposite the Courthouse. You can squeeze through a gap into this area. The safe code is the same as the gate code. 04-51.

Seattle Day One Downtown Courthouse

Make your way through this window in The Courthouse | Jake Green/USG

Once you head into the Courthouse you'll eventually come across a bunch of dead FEDRA. There's a window to the left of them. Break it and head through, there's a safe just next to it. The code can be found on a nearby whiteboard. It's 86-07-22.

Seattle Day One Capitol Hill Tripwire Thrift Store

Here's what the inside of the Thrift Store looks like | Jake Green/USG

When making your way through Capitol Hill you'll come across an area filled with tripwires. There's a thrift store in this area. The code is Staci's number, which is thankfully scrawled on the wall in the bathroom. The code is 55-01-33.

Hillcrest Garage

Here's where to find this safe combination | Jake Green/USG

Once you enter Hillcrest you will need to look for a tattoo parlour to the left of where you enter. You'll need to grab the code from a note in the nearby Pet Boutique store, though be aware that there are multiple infected roaming around here. The code is 30-82-65. You'll find the long gun holster in this safe. For a look at getting Ellie's other holster, head here.

Seattle Day Two The Seraphites - Wedding Anniversary Safe Code

This is the building you're looking for | Jake Green/USG

You can find this hotel shortly after your very first encounter with The Seraphites, the one in The Park. You can climb up on the truck in the screenshot above and break a window to get in. The code to the safe in this room is the previous owners' wedding date. A nearby calendar will tell you the date of the 30th anniversary, so just deduct 30 years and you have 08-10-83. You'll find an abundance of supplements in this safe.

Seattle Day Two Weston's Pharmacy

The Last of Us Part 2 Screenshot 2020 06 12 13 16 17 EMBARGO

This safe is super easy to find. It's in the Weston's Pharmacy, just before you reach the hospital. The safe code is 38-55-23.

Seattle Day Three Flooded City

Here's where to get out of your boat | Jake Green/USG

During the Seattle Day Three segment of the game, you'll enter the Flooded City. You'll get a boat, and can make your way to the area shown in the image above. You can't skip this area. There's a safe in the locked gate to the right of the exit. You can climb up on the left and find a dead guy holding the combination. At the opposite end of the hallway here is a gap you can crawl under, gaining you access to the safe. 70-12-64.

Here's where to crawl through to get to the safe | Jake Green/USG

Day One (Abby) On Foot - The Big Win Safe Code

This is the building with the safe. The combination is in the building opposite | Jake Green/USG

As Abby, you'll move through a warehouse with Mel. Once you exit this warehouse (it's the one with the boat in it) you'll see the building shown in the image above. The safe is in here, with the combination in the little building opposite. The combination is said to be 'the big win'. This refers to a lottery ticket hanging up on the smaller building. The combination is 17-38-07. You'll get a Hunting Pistol from this (for a full list of weapons, head here).

The big-win combination | Jake Green/USG

Day One (Abby) Hostile Territory - Jasmine Bakery Safe Code

The vase shop is at the end of this street | Jake Green/USG

During this chapter you'll come across a street of shops. At the far end is a vase shop, you can get in via the opposite building. There's a fight with some infected in here, then you'll find a safe code. The safe is in Jasmine Bakery. Here's the code: 68-96-89.

The safe can be found in Jasmine Bakery | Jake Green/USG

Day One (Abby) The Coast - Cruise Ship

Head to the wheel of the ship, top deck | Jake Green/USG

While visiting the coast area as Abby, you'll come across an abandoned boat. The safe is on the top deck, by the wheel. There are a bunch of infected up here, including a shambler, so take care. The code is 90-77-01.

Day Two (Abby) The Shortcut - Apartment Building

Apartment 302 | Jake Green/USG

Once you're with Lev on Day Two, you'll enter an apartment building. This apartment and the one next door have been communicating via notes. You can find out that the safe in room 302 is unlocked with a code made up of the combined apartment numbers. The code is 30-23-04.

Day Two (Abby) The Descent Safe Code

The wifi code is posted up on the walls of the gym | Jake Green/USG

This safe can be found after falling from the crane. There's a door at the far side of the gym, the code to the safe is the wifi code. You can find this on a sign hanging up in the gym. It's 12-18-79. That's the last safe in the game, congrats!

That's all of the training manuals you can find in The Last of Us Part 2. For more on the game, check out Kat's review. There's also our look at the discourse that happened shortly after reviews went live .

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