The Last of Us Part 2: Short Gun and Long Gun Holster Locations

The Last of Us Part 2: Short Gun and Long Gun Holster Locations

Holsters allow you to switch between weapons faster. Here's where to get the short gun and long gun holsters.

You'll have access to a wide range of weapons in The Last of Us Part 2, and will often need to swap between them on the fly to conserve ammo. This is tricky at the start of the game as there's a lengthy animation involved in switching between your pistols. You need to find two holsters to be able to speed things up, and luckily for you we know exactly where to find them. In this guide we'll show you where to find the short and long gun holsters. Let's get started.

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SPOILER WARNING: In this guide we have detailed locations and chapters featured in The Last of Us 2. While we have kept major spoilers out of this guide, there are details on general story direction and playable characters. We recommend proceeding with care.

Where to Find the Short Gun and Long Gun Holsters in The Last of US Part 2

There are four holsters to find in The Last of Us Part 2. These consist of short and long gun holsters for both Abby and Ellie. We've listed the locations below, and will go into more detail later on in this article.

  • Short gun holster (Ellie) - Barko's pet store, Seattle Day One
  • Long gun holster (Ellie) - Garage behind tattoo parlour, Hillcrest
  • Short gun holster (Abby) - At the start of the Hostile Territory chapter you'll come across a large scar shrine in the back of a truck. The holster is in the building to the right
  • Long gun holster (Abby) - After escaping the woods with the two scars, head into the first building you come across. To your left is a table with the holster on it.

Short Gun Holster Location (Ellie)

The two locations you'll need to visit are marked in red | Jake Green/USG

To get the short gun holster as Ellie, you'll need to make it to the open area in the Seattle Day One chapter. You'll be given a map, which we've marked with two locations in red. Head to pick up the keys first which will allow you to enter Barko's pet store, marked 'safe' on the map. Once inside, head to the farthest room from the entrance, the short gun holster ois on a table here.

Long Gun Holster (Ellie)

The garage containing the safe is behind the tattoo parlour | Jake Green/USG
Long gun holster | Jake Green/USG

The long gun holster for Ellie is located in the Hillcrest chapter of The Last of Us Part 2. Look for the tattoo parlour in the image above and then head behind it to find a locked garage full of infected. There's a safe here you will need to unlock. You can find more info in our Safes Guide. The combination is 30-82-65.

Short Gun Holster (Abby)

Here's the building you'll need to head through | Jake Green/USG

During the Hostile Territory chapter, Abby will come across a scar shrine in the back of a truck. We've shown this area in the image above. Head into the building to the right of this truck, the holster is on a table here. For a look at all of the weapons available in The Last of Us Part 2, head to our Weapons Guide.

Long Gun Holster

Here's the long gun holster for Abby | Jake Green/USG

There's a section you'll play through as Abby in which you're abducted by scars and strung up in the woods. Two young scars will help you escape, and then you'll fight a large enemy with a hammer. The first building you enter here has a holster in it, to the left of the entrance.

How to Swap Weapons Using Your Holsters

To swap weapons in and out of your holsters in The Last of Us Part 2 bring up the weapon select menu and highlight the gun you want to swap out. Hold square and choose the new gun. This will make switching guns much faster. We recommend making sure you have the right guns in your holsters before engaging groups of enemies, as the animation for swapping them leaves you very vulnerable indeed.

There's plenty more on The Last of Us Part 2 to enjoy right here on USG. There's Kat's article on whether the game may be too violent for its own good, as well as our full review.

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