The Last of Us Part 2: Training Manual Locations and Upgrades

The Last of Us Part 2: Training Manual Locations and Upgrades

Training Manuals can be used to upgrade Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2. Here's where to find each one.

While exploring the post-apocalyptic landscape of The Last of Us Part 2 you'll be able to find Training Manuals. These will open up new upgrade branches, allowing you to add new skills for Ellie. They can be found all over the world, and are usually hidden away and pretty hard to find. To make sure you've collected them all we've detailed the locations for every Training Manual, and will go into a bit more detail on the upgrades each one unlocks.

SPOILER WARNING: In this guide we have detailed locations and chapters featured in The Last of Us 2. While we have kept major spoilers out of this guide, there are details on general story direction and playable characters. We recommend proceeding with care.

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The Last of Us Part 2 Training Manual Locations

There are eight Training Manuals to find in The Last of Us Part 2, and you'll want to find all of them. We've listed them all below, alongside the chapters they can be found in. We'll then go into more detail on each.

  • Crafting (Ellie) - Seattle Day One. Seravana Hotel, 1st floor.
  • Stealth (Ellie) - Seattle Day One. In the area after 1st encounter with WLF. Opposite gas station.
  • Precision (Ellie) - Hillcrest. Liquor Store basement. Full of Shamblers.
  • Explosives (Ellie) - Hotel opposite the hospital. Use the nearby gun bench to trigger an encounter.
  • Covert Ops (Abby) - While sneaking out with Manny as part of The Forward Base chapter. Abby will complain about a smell, there's a window you can climb into here.
  • Close Quarters (Abby) - Safe in Jasmine Bakery, during Seattle Day One Hostile Territory.
  • Firearms (Abby) - Shortly after the fight with the sledgehammer lady, after escaping the burning forest. The first building you enter.
  • Ordinance (Abby) - There's a safe on the top deck of the boat you move through during The Coast.

Crafting (Ellie)

This will allow you to craft improved melee weapons | Jake Green/USG
Head through this door | Jake Green/USG

The first training manual you can find as Ellie is located in the Seravana Hotel. Head upstairs, and enter the first room opposite the stairs. The Training Manual is out in the open The crafting manual allows you to craft reinforced melee weapons, very useful indeed.

Stealth (Ellie)

This manual will unlock stealth upgrades | Jake Green/USG
The manual can be found in a building opposite this gas station | Jake Green/USG

The Stealth Training Manual is found shortly after your first encounter with the WLF. Look for the gas station shown in the image above. There's a building opposite, with the Training Manual inside it. This upgrade branch is extremely useful, allowing you to unlock a faster stealth kill and faster prone movement.

Precision (Ellie)

Those antlers! | Jake Green/USG
Head to the basement of this liquor store | Jake Green/USG

The Precision Training Manual unlocks a bunch of great upgrades including improved aiming. You can find it during the Hillcrest area. Look for this liquor store and make your way into the basement. Kill the shamblers inside, there's a Training Manual as you exit.

Explosives (Ellie)

This unlocks more effective explosives | Jake Green/USG
Here's the hotel you're looking for | Jake Green/USG

After your first encounter with The Seraphites you'll be on your way to the hospital. Before heading off, there's an area with the building shown in the image above. Make your way through it until you find a gun bench. Use it. After your encounter the locked door in the room you're in will have opened. The Training Manual is in there. The Explosives upgrades allow you to craft more bombs, and increase the damage they do.

Covert Ops (Abby)

The window you need to climb through is opposite this building | Jake Green/USG

This Training Manual can be found after Manny helps you sneak out of the WLF base. Abby will complain about a smell just as you reach the building shown in the image above. Head into the building opposite via the open window. There's a dead guy (hence the smell), as well as a Covert Ops upgrade manual. This will unlock improved Listen Mode, as well as other sneaky abilities.

Close Quarters (Abby)

Head to Jasmine Bakery to get this Training Manual | Jake Green/USG

To get the Close Quarters upgrades you'll need to get into the Jasmine Bakery. We have included more info on how to do so in our Safes Guide. Once you get in, open the safe and grab the manual. This unlocks the Momentum upgrade, an essential skill that allows you to chain together powerful melee moves.

Firearms Manual

You can craft ammo for the hunting pistol after finding this manual | Jake Green/USG

Partway into Abby's story you'll be captured by Seraphites. A duo of Scars will rescue you and you'll flee the forest. Once you're out, you'll need to fight a large enemy with a sledgehammer. The first building you enter after this is where the Firearms manual is found. It allows you to craft ammo for the hunting pistol. For a look at how to get the hunting pistol, head over to our Weapons Guide.

Ordinance (Abby)

This manual will unlock Ordinance upgrades | Jake Green/USG

The final manual can be found during the boat sequence in The Coast chapter. There's a safe on the top deck which contains the manual. The code is 90-77-01. Ordinance focuses on pipe bombs and silencer crafting. The silencer upgrade is particularly useful.

Best Training Manual Upgrades

There are many different upgrades unlocked by finding Training manuals in The Last of Us Part 2. Given that they are different for Ellie and Abby, we've listed the best upgrades below, indicating who each one belongs to.

  • Faster Stealth Kill (Ellie) - this upgrade makes the game a lot easier. It speeds up the stealth kill animation, allowing you to be riskier while undetected.
  • Listen Mode (Ellie and Abby) - for both characters, upgrading Listen Mode can be extremely helpful. It allows you to better plan your attack, and ensures you won't get caught by surprise by any approaching enemies.
  • Momentum (Abby) - Momentum essentially allows you to chain together powerful melee attacks. It's perfect for when you're surrounded by runners, and triggers automatically after a melee kill.

That's all of the training manuals you can find in The Last of Us Part 2. For more on the game, check out Kat's review. There's also our look at the discourse that happened shortly after reviews went live .

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