The Last of Us Part 2 Voice Cast: Here Are the Main Voice Actors in the Game

The Last of Us Part 2 Voice Cast: Here Are the Main Voice Actors in the Game

The Last of Us 2 features a pretty stellar cast of actors lending their voices and performances. Here's the main voice cast.

The Last of Us Part 2 looks set to continue the cinematic focus of the first game. This means grounded, emotional performances from its voice cast, which comprises some of the biggest names in the industry. To help you put a face to the voices you'll hear while playing, we put together this voice cast guide. We'll give you some background on each actor, including past projects you may recognize them for.

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Spoiler Warning: While we have made sure not to include any spoilers for The Last of Us Part 2 in this list, we will be detailing the cast. This means that if you want to go in completely fresh, unaware of the returning characters, then we recommend waiting until you've played through the game yourself.

The Last of Us Part 2 Voice Cast

The Last of Us Part 2's voice cast reads like a who's who of the industry's most recognizable talent. Many actors from the first game return to voice characters, but given the breadth of new characters included here, there's also a lot of new faces. Here's the main voice cast of The Last of Us 2:

  • Ellie - Ashley Johnson
  • Abby - Laura Bailey
  • Dina - Shannon Woodward
  • Emily - Emily Swallow
  • Joel - Troy Baker
  • Tommy - Jeffrey Pierce
  • Seth - Robert Clotworthy
  • Jesse - Stephen A. Chang

Ellie - Ashley Johnson

Ellie seeks revenge | Naughty Dog/ Sony

Ashley Johnson returns to play Ellie in The Last of Us Part 2, having played her in the first game and the Left Behind DLC. Ashley has been involved in a bunch of Critical Role campaigns, and played Terra in the Teen Titans GO! show.

Abby - Laura Bailey

Abby in The Last of Us Part 2 | Naughty Dog/Sony

Abby is a major character in the game, but we don't currently know much about them. We see them strung up on a tree by cultists in an early trailer, and given she's voiced by Laura Bailey, it's safe to assume they'll play a big part in the story. Laura Bailey has played Mary Jane Watson in Spider-Man PS4, Kait Diaz in Gears 5, and will play Black Widow in the upcoming Avengers game.

Dina - Shannon Woodward

Love in the apocalypse | Naughty Dog/Sony

We've seen a fair bit of Dina in pre-release trailers, which have shown that her and Ellie are clearly in a relationship. We see Dina heading out on supply runs with Ellie, and a scene set in a barn where the pair are dancing. Shannon Woodward plays Dina, having played Elsie Hughes in HBO's Westworld series. Woodward also played Sabrina in Raising Hope.

Emily - Emily Swallow

Emily and the Seraphites | Naughty Dog/Sony

Emily is an antagonist in the game, heading up a group of cultists known as the Seraphites. She is seen in the PGS trailer revealed a few years back, torturing a character named Abby. Emily is played by Emily Swallow, who previously played Amara in the Supernatural TV series. She also plays the Armourer in The Mandalorian.

Joel - Troy Baker

Here's Wonderwall | Naughty Dog/Sony

You played as Joel for the majority of The Last of Us, as he escorted Ellie cross-country in the hopes of seeking out the Fireflies. Little is known of Joel's involvement in The Last of Us Part 2, only that he has been seen in the trailers, dropping in to give Ellie life-lessons on the personal cost behind every kill you make. Joel is played by Troy Baker, who you'll recognize as Delsin from Infamous Second Son. He also played Sam Drake in Uncharted 4, and will play Bruce Banner in the upcoming Avengers game.

Tommy - Jeffrey Pierce

Tommy returns for this sequel | Naughty Dog/Sony

Tommy played a big part in the first game, as Ellie and Joel sought him out for his information on the whereabouts of the Fireflies. He's back for this game, living in the same community as Ellie at the start of the game. Jeffrey Pierce plays Tommy, you may know him from playing Trevor Dobbs in Bosch. He also lent his pipes to a few characters in Call of Duty WWII.

Seth - Robert Clotworthy

Not much is known about the Seth character in The Last of Us Part 2, so we'll keep spoilers out of here for now. He's played by Robert Clotworthy, who was the voice of Charlie in the 2019 reboot of Charlie's Angels. He also voices multiple characters in Fire Emblem Heroes.

Jesse - Jesse - Stephen A. Chang

Jesse is played by Stephen A. Chang | Naughty Dog/Sony

We've seen Jesse crop up in a bunch of trailers so far, but little is still known about him. He appears to live in the same community as Ellie, or at least a neighbouring one. He's played by Stephen A. Chang, who was in the TV show Artificial, as well as Captain Marvel.

Those are the main actors featured in The Last of Us Part 2. We'll have more on the game in the coming weeks but in the meantime check out our preview of the game. Elsewhere there's our writeup on the Hotline Miami and PSVita references in a recent trailer.

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