The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Strategy Guide. Where to Find all Masks.

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D Strategy Guide. Where to Find all Masks.

Here's how you can find all 24 masks and save the land of Termina from its terrible fate.

In The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Link doesn't come equipped with his standard bag of tricks. Sure, you'll find his bombs, arrows, and hookshot all waiting for you, but some of Link's most specific abilities come through the use of masks. If you're having trouble trying to nab a particular one, here's where you can find it—just don't neglect that ticking doomsday clock.

How to Find All Transformation Masks

Deku Mask

Where to find it: This one's easy, because it's impossible to miss. Just start a new game, and within minutes, it'll be stuck to Link's face.

What it does: This mask turns Link into a Deku, which gives him the power to fire bubbles, and to launch himself out of large flowers. (People won't take him very seriously, though.)

Goron Mask

Where to find it: After acquiring the Lens of Truth in Lone Peak Shrine (across from the Goron Village in Snowpeak Mountain), use it to speak with the spirit of Darmani, who's waiting directly outside of this location. He'll then lead you to his grave. Once you enter it, play the Song of Healing, and you'll receive his mask.

What it does: Link takes on Goron form when slipping on this mask, which lets him roll around like a sumo version of Sonic the Hedgehog, move massive objects, and walk on lava.

Zora Mask

Where to find it: Once you free Epona from the Romani Ranch, you'll be able to jump the fence that blocks the way to the Great Bay. When you enter this area for the first time, you'll spot a body in the water. Push it to the shore, and after Mikau gives his final words, play the Song of Healing to obtain the Zora mask.

What it does: This mask gives Link the powers of a Zora, which allow him to swim and dive incredibly fast. Link can even fight with his fins and fire them like boomerang-style projectiles while wearing this mask.

Fierce Deity Mask

Where to find it: Simply have all 20 Normal Masks before entering the final area of the game. (We don't want to spoil anything, but what you do after this point should be pretty obvious.)

What it does: Donning this mask causes Link to take on a terrifying new form, where he holds his sword with both hands—the only downside is that you can only wear it while fighting a boss (or when fishing, for whatever reason).

How to Find All Normal Masks

Great Fairy Mask

Where to find it: Find the missing fairy in Clock Town—it's either in the Laundry Pool during the day, or East Clock Town at night. Bring this to the Great Fairy in North Clock Town while Link is in his human form.

What it does: When this mask glows and its attached hair begins fluttering, you'll know there's a fairy nearby. It also draws in nearby fairies if they're somewhat close to you.

Blast Mask

Where to find it: Save the old woman by being robbed by Sakon the Thief in North Clock Town on midnight of the First Day. After he grabs her bag, you'll have a limited time to hit him with your sword before he escapes. If you manage to get him, the Blast Mask will be your reward.

What it does: It's basically for when you run out of bombs: When you use it, it'll explode around Link's head. This does inflict damage, though, so only save it for when you need it.

Bremen Mask

Where to find it: During the First or Second Night, go to the laundry pool and hear Garu-Garu's story. He'll give it to you when he's done.

What it does: Using it causes nearby small animals to march behind you, which is how you'll later earn the Bunny Hood.

Bunny Hood

Where to find it: Head to the chicken coop at the back of the Romani Ranch, and then use the Bremen Mask's ability to get the ten chicks to march behind you. Once they're all following you, they'll turn into chickens, and you'll receive your reward.

What it does: The Bunny Hood is definitely an essential item: As with Ocarina of Time, it allows Link to run faster and jump farther, which definitely comes in handy when you're working under a time limit.

All-Night Mask

Where to find it: Stop Sakon from robbing the old woman at midnight of the First Day in North Clock Town. On the Final Night at 10:00pm, it'll be available for sale in the curiosity shop.

What it does: This mask only comes in handy from getting heart container pieces from the storytelling old woman in the Stock Pot Inn. Listen to the story about the Carnival of Time, then choose all of the topmost answers for one heart container piece, and listen to the story about the Four Giants and choose "I dunno..." to get another.

Stone Mask

Where to find it: This mask has a new location for the 3DS version of Majora's Mask. Instead of being located on the road to Ikana Canyon, you'll instead find it in the center of the Pirates' Fortess, immediately after the area with the patrolling boats. Take out any guards in this area, then activate the Eye of Truth and search for Shiro the soldier—he's sitting near one of the crates. If you give him a red potion, the mask is yours!

What it does: The Stone Mask is invaluable in any stealth section of Majora's Mask, like the Pirates' Fortress. Just slip it on and you'll be invisible to those you're intended to sneak around.

Mask of Scents

Where to find it: After rescuing the Princess from the Deku Palace, race the butler in the Deku Shrine. Note that the Bunny Hood really helps here.

What it does: By slipping on this mask, Link will be able to find mushrooms in the Mysterious Forest (near the Magic Hags' shop). Bring one to Koume, and she'll then be able to make Blue Potions—that first one is free, by the way.

Mask of Truth

Where to find it: Destroy all of the Skulltulas in the Southern Swamp's Skulltula House. The Mask of Truth is your reward.

What it does: While wearing this mask, Link can read the minds of small animals he can pick up, and talk to Gossip Stones.

Kamaro's Mask

Where to find it: At night in Termina Field, go northeast from the North Cock Town entrance, and you should see a weird guy dancing atop a giant mushroom. Play the Song of Healing, and you'll get Kamaro's Mask.

What it does: This mask allows Link to perform Kamaro's mystic dance, which can get him a heart container piece. Equip the mask and dance with the Rosa Sisters on either the First or Second Night in West Clock Town, and you'll be rewarded.

Romani Mask

Where to find it: Save the Romani Ranch from the invading aliens from 1:00 to 4:30am on The First Night. Come back by 6:00pm on the Second Day, and Cremia will give you a ride to Clock Town. Fight off the attacking thieves, and Cremia will reward you with the Romani Mask.

What it does: This mask grants link access to the Milk Bar, which only opens to members at 10:00pm in East Clock Town.

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