The Logo for Esports at the Asian Games is Terrible [Update]

The Logo for Esports at the Asian Games is Terrible [Update]

Gonna be honest with you, I'm not feeling it.

Correction: The pictogram is unofficial, fortunately. Esports will still be at the Asian Games, but alas no strange pictogram. We regret the error, but don't regret highlighting this particular image.

Esports will be at the Asian Games this year as a demonstration sport. Esports even got its own pictogram to officially recognize the occasion. The only problem is the pictogram is bad.

If you look at international sporting events like the Olympics or the Asian Games (which are second only to the Olympics mind you) there are little pictograms that accompany each sport up for competition at the games. They're little stylized stick figures drawn doing the sport in question. Esports, as it turns out, is not conducive for pictograms.

It looks like a person with a huge butt sitting down and attempting to flip their laptop. It looks like a logo for competitive typing. It looks like a ghost is escaping from the laptop. I could go on.


The esports pictogram is especially hilarious if you compare it with the other pictograms at the event. Those at least look like a sporting activity whereas the esports pictogram denotes casual web surfing.

The 2018 Asian Games are in Jakarta and Palembang Indonesia this year. There are plenty of demonstration sports at these international games before they go on to become full Olympic sports. Badminton and Taekwondo for example were demo sports at the 1988 Seoul Olympics before becoming full Olympic sports in 1992 and 2000 respectively.

So let's hope that if esports ever makes it to the Olympics, we leave this logo behind.

Matt Kim

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