The Makers of Tetris Effect Are Targeting Next-Gen Consoles for Next Game

The Makers of Tetris Effect Are Targeting Next-Gen Consoles for Next Game

Better hardware means more effects to put in the Tetris.

Game development studio Enhance wowed us with its synesthetic take on Tetris with Tetris Effect. Now, CEO Tetsuya Mizuguchi says the studio is targeting next-gen consoles for the next game they make.

In an interview with VGC, Mizuguchi said new hardware and new technology in general has always been a huge source of inspiration for him.

"Business-wise you always need to be careful," Mizuguchi told VGC. "Transitions can be tough, depending on where you are in projects and how you’ve allocated your resources — but in our case, right now Enhance is really well positioned to take full advantage of whatever next-gen offers once it comes out."

Mizuguchi is also happy about the PS5's backwards compatibility, meaning games won't be walled off from players when the new generation rolls around. He says a frustration for him has always been seeing games stuck on old hardware, unable to play them if you don't have the tools around to still do so.

“I hate that," says Mizuguchi. "Especially as I try to make games that are not just fun at the time they are released but also years later. I hope this becomes a new standard across all the platforms.”

Enhance's Tetris Effect was a fresh, vibrant take on long-time classic, one we had a great time playing. With next-gen hardware, there's potential for even more ways to tie audio and visual into mechanics the way Enhance often does. Safe to say, whatever Enhance does next, we're very interested. To keep up with all things PlayStation 5 and the next generation of consoles, check out our need-to-know guide.

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