The Miiverse Archive Is Live, and Boy Does It Bring Back Memories

The Miiverse Archive Is Live, and Boy Does It Bring Back Memories

"I drew that, huh? Uh. Hm."

Miiverse is dead. Long live Miiverse. While you can no longer access Nintendo's unique social media platform formerly for the Wii U and 3DS, you can at least access an archive of the strange universe's posts.

Yes, "Archiverse" is live and ready for you to dig through. Here are a few numbers: There are 8,278,693 user profiles preserved, in addition to 133,003,599 posts, 75,955,135 screenshots, and 72,135,190 drawings. All together, Archiverse takes up 16.97 terabytes of data.

Those are some hefty numbers, but take note: It's not a complete archive. The archiver in charge of the preservation, "Drastic Actions," simply couldn't grab everything.

"While we attempted to download and store as much as possible, given the amount of time to do the archive and the crawling we had to do to get what we ended up with, there is no way to know precisely how much we missed," writes Drastic Actions. "From Miiverse administrators deleting users and posts, users who hid their profiles, new communities created after the shutdown notice went out, to stability issues with Miiverse itself, many things would stop a complete archive of the site."

They add, "Nintendo themselves did have the complete databases and assets available. If they still do, they could donate them to make this genuinely complete. As it stands, this is the best we could do."

Despite its admitted shortcomings, Archiverse still managed to preserve a not-small chunk of the Miiverse. I found some of my old posts and looked upon them again for the first time in—well, quite a long time. Looking back, all I can say is "Clearly, I thought I was very clever."

Unfortunately, some content is indeed missing. I can't find the exchange between former USgamer EiC Jeremy Parish and myself that involved communicating through sketches of Pink Floyd lyrics.

Nevertheless, Drastic Actions has performed a valuable service. Thank you!

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Nadia Oxford

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