The Most Beautiful Pictures Taken in No Man's Sky

The Most Beautiful Pictures Taken in No Man's Sky

Earth isn't the only photogenic planet in the universe.

The No Man's Sky Next update adds numerous improvements to Hello Games' exploration / survival title, including multiplayer options, fleet building, improved base building, and more. But there's one additional tweak that shouldn't go without mention: A big bump in graphics.

Improved lighting effects and more versatile flora and fauna on planets make for some pretty amazing photo opportunities in No Man's Sky Next, and players are taking full advantage of these intergalactic Kodak moments. Resetera has a No Man's Sky photography thread, and Twitter also has an account dedicated to pictures of No Man's Sky's alien worlds.

Here's a selection of the coolest and prettiest pictures from both sources.

First, Resetera user "Lamptramp" snapped one of the best things about No Man's Sky: Slipping the surly bonds of a planet's gravitational pull to take a look at its next door neighbor.

Lamptramp also took a snap of their ship. It's quite yellow.

Speaking of nature and ships, this gull-winged ship fits in well with No Man's Sky's wild planets.

Resetera's "Edge" set up camp on a planet that's not too unlike Canada in the grip of January.

But as Edge demonstrates with this photo, blasting off to a warmer clime is just a matter of navigating through some asteroids.

Sadly, all your efforts might just stick you on a dead planet entirely devoid of life—but there's still beauty to be found in death. There's your deep thought for the day.

I think touching these rings would give you the mother of all papercuts.

Resetera's "Kyuuji" snapped this impressive picture of their docked ship. Scramble, Star Fox team!

Resetera's "Tapeworm" immortalized this beautiful violet sky. Everything about this picture screams "Don't take off your helmet, the air is made of radioactive acid."

Yeah, I could stand to live here.

Resetera member "Icyflamez96" brings us an alien eclipse. One alien eclipse is worth six apocalyptic prophecies when they're converted to Earth eclipses.

Resetera's "Bob White" seized this very nice picture of bright planetary rings slicing through a dark blue sky.

This picture encapsulates every sad song about lonely spacemen ever written.

Finally, "Bod" took a selfie with some friendly fauna, presumably right before their head was lopped off their shoulders. Cheese! [Death gargles]

Whether you want to take pretty pictures or colonize the galaxy, we have a ton of No Man's Sky and No Man's Sky Next guides to help you out. They're great reading for long space journeys.

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