The NES Classic Getting New Release on June 29, And You May Even Get to Buy One This Time

Another shot.

The NES Classic Edition is coming back to stores on June 29, so if you missed out on its original November 2016 release this is your second chance. Considering how hard it was to find one of these things, I have a feeling this is a lot of consumer's second shot at getting a NES Classic.

The NES Classic is a small version of the Nintendo Entertainment System, or NES. Unlike the original NES, the NES Classic can't play cartridges, but rather comes pre-loaded with 30 classic NES games including The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Bros, Balloon Fight, and Donkey Kong.

The NES Classic was notoriously difficult to find in stores almost immediately at launch. Consoles were often sold out at retailers and were often marked-up immensely on secondhand retailers. After selling 2.3 million units Nintendo announced that it would cease production of the console in April 2017. In the same year, Nintendo announced the SNES Classic which was a similar mini retro console based on Nintendo's Super NES system.

Now due to popular demand Nintendo is restocking the NES Classic where hopefully more customers will have a chance of buying the console at its original price. The NES Classic will be available for $59.99 USD and many stores are limiting one per customer.

The NES Classic

The NES Classic will be available online starting on 9am ET at various retailers like Think Geek and Best Buy. Amazon will likely have the system as well but Amazon famously had a difficult time shipping SNES Classic consoles during launch.

For more on the NES Classic, check out our NES Classic guide for the latest release date and availability information.

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