The Netflix Drama Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light Changed Its Name to Dad of Light, World Loses Interest

Just kidding, I'll still watch it.

When news of Daddy of Light hit the internet, it was flooded with jokes. For those unaware, Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light isn't an expansion in the popular Square-Enix MMO. It's a Japanese drama about a father reconnecting with his son, only they spend time together through the multiplayer video game. But y'know, "daddy" has since become widely used outside of its kid-like (or BDSM-centric) context as a common goof, so a show called "Daddy of Light" was almost begging for jokes from western audiences.

Then Netflix picked up the show, and recently announced the date it'll hit the web (September 1). Only it had a surprise: a new name was attached to it. The show has rid of its former daddiness, opting for a simpler title: Dad of Light. Not the probably better alternative, Father of Light, but the short n' sweet Dad of Light.

We reached out to Netflix to see if we could get confirmation on the reasoning of why the name was changed, and will update this story if we hear more. For a wild guess, Netflix isn't completely oblivious to the conversations around its shows. The seemingly joke-y narrative swarming the dramatic series Dad of Light probably wasn't helping people actually build interest to watch it. Daddy of Light almost conveys a tongue-in-cheek type of comedy, which this show obviously is not.

Some of us on the USgamer staff have plans to check out the show over the weekend, and who knows, maybe we'll even write up a thing or so about it too. It's all depending on how it is though. Maybe this title will even inspire the developers of Final Fantasy XIV to create a new expansion for the popular MMO bearing the "daddy" mantra. Daddys be damned.

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