The New Death Stranding TGS Gameplay: Everything We Learned

The New Death Stranding TGS Gameplay: Everything We Learned

Here are all the new Death Stranding gameplay details we learned at Tokyo Games Show 2019.

Today at Tokyo Game Show 2019, Kojima Productions showed off the first extended look at Death Stranding gameplay. We've rounded up all the new details we learned from the gameplay demo, which is the first time we've seen uncut gameplay footage.

It looks like you'll have to pick the right suit for the job. At the beginning of the gameplay demo, we can see Sam Porter Bridges (Normas Reedus' character) selecting one outfit out of three for the ensuing mission out into the open world.

Remember when we saw Geoff Keighley summoned through a terminal in the Gamescom demo for Death Stranding? It looks like you'll be able to summon different characters at different terminals throughout the world, with Tommy Earl Jenkins' character appearing through a terminal in the main Bridges base.

Before a mission commences, you've got to choose which items to pack into Sam's bag. It seems like you can select items to put on Sam's back and both shoulders, and since there's a weight limit for items Sam can carry, you won't want to pack him with too much for his journey.

We start off in the "Eastern region" in the Death Stranding gameplay demo. Since it's not entirely feasible that the whole of America is packed into one seamless open world, could the game be divided up by north, east, south, and west regions?

Sam's exploring the open world in the Death Stranding TGS gameplay demo. | Kojima Productions/Sony

There's a "BB Happiness" meter near the bottom left of the screen in Death Stranding. In the gameplay demo, Sam loses his footing in deep water and floats downstream, causing the BB's happiness levels to fall to the point where it needs to be comforted and calmed down.

There's Monster Energy Drink in Death Stranding. Yes, you read that correctly. Although the gameplay demo was in Japanese, there was a "Monster Energy Drink Consumed" notification on the left of the screen after Sam consumed an item from his inventory to replenish his stamina.

Death Stranding has an online element, of sorts. Out in the open world, you can see and use other items, like ladders, that players have previously used and left there. You can opt to award likes to their items you find, which we assume will benefit the other player in some way.

You can find and use others players' objects in the open world. | Kojima Productions/Sony

When you choose to sit down and rest in the open world, you've got a few options: sleep to restore your health, massage your body to restore stamina, or comfort your BB to raise its happiness levels. You can even receive likes from your BB, like the online feature detailed above.

Out in the open world, you can come across guarded camps. We don't know anything about why these camps are guarded or who by, but we do know that you can break into the camps and loot "post boxes," to recover weapons and support items like heath sprays.

Sam can even steal vehicles from these guarded camps, but if discovered, the guards are going to come at you in force. In the TGS gameplay we saw the guards firing some sort of electrical bolts at Sam, which can instantly disable any vehicle you're driving.

It's Norman Reedus bathing time, baby! If you come across certain pools of warm water out in the open world, you can opt to go for a quick dip, where both Sam and the BB take a relaxing bath. Sam can even opt to sing to the BB in situations like these.

To round things off, Sam reaches Port Knot City. We don't see anything of the actual city itself, but Port Knot City has its own Bridges base, just like we saw at the beginning of the TGS gameplay demo, complete with an access terminal to deliver cargo, and a bed to get some rest.

Death Stranding launches November 8, 2019, for the PS4. For a complete recap of everything we know about the game so far, head over to our Death Stranding guide.

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