The New Lady Layton-Starring Professor Layton Game Translates Well to Mobile

The New Lady Layton-Starring Professor Layton Game Translates Well to Mobile

It costs only a fraction of the 3DS version too.

Professor Layton has returned, but not in a literal form. Today marks the release of Layton's Mystery Journey: Katrielle and the Millionaires' Conspiracy. The game doesn't feature a familiar face at its forefront though: it features the young Katrielle (or, Kat), Professor Layton's daughter.

Layton's Mystery Journey was released today on iOS and Android, far ahead of its 3DS release this fall. Luckily, in terms of condensing the series for mobile, not much has seemingly been lost in the transition. It's not a complete surprise either, given the success of prior Professor Layton games on smartphones. The animations are still a delight to watch, and puzzles remain simple as can be (they're even split into a 3DS-like dual screens on phones). It's just an adventure game, now conveniently on your phone.

The game looks to be as charming as any other Professor Layton game, perhaps even more so. In its English trailer, we see Kat being undermined for not being her father, positioning some drama of carrying on the family name. Later, Kat proudly introduces herself as "Lady Layton, English Gentlewoman of Mystery," which her adorable hound companion denies anyone has said besides her. Kat has one key difference from her father though: she's not a mystery solver in her free time, she's a full-fledged detective. Or wants to be, anyways.

Layton's Mystery Journey is available on iOS and Android now for $15.99, a fraction of its 3DS version (when they're apparently the same exact game, nearly). The 3DS version will be out this fall. Honestly, I'll probably be picking up the mobile version once I'm done with a few review games. My time with Love Nikki Dress Up Queen might be finally over.

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