The Newest Portal Game is Actually a Bridge Constructor Spin-off

Remember Portal? It's back, in Bridge Constructor Form.

News by Matt Kim, .

Portal returns, though not quite how you expected. Instead of a new standalone game, the next Portal will be in the form of a Bridge Constructor tie-in.

Bridge Constructor Portal has everything you'd want from a not-Portal, Portal game. Portals, Ellen McLain as GLaDOS, turrets, and sadistic science. It will be launching on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices for both iOS and Android.

The PC and mobile version of Bridge Constructor Portal will be out later this month, while the console versions will release in 2018.

There's even a brief teaser trailer that showcases the new Aperture themed bridge shenanigans.

Unfortunately there's still no signs of a proper Portal 3. The last few Portal games were all in the style of tie-ins and spinoffs such as in Lego Dimensions, or the brief Aperture themed areas in Valve's VR demo.

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