Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 vs Wii U: Which One Would You Buy Right Now?

We asked each USgamer team member to reveal which current-generation console they'd buy right now - and why. The results surprised us all.

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Over the last year or so, Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have been working furiously to establish each of their respective new consoles as the must-have machine for the next generation.

Twelve months on from the hype and bluster of Microsoft and Sony's launch events, and two years on from Nintendo's more modest roll-out, which console is the one to have?

Taking into consideration what was on show at this year’s E3, and looking at the slew of end-of-year games that have been released on each system, each member of the USgamer team has weighed in on which console they'd buy right now - and why. Hopefully this information will be useful when it comes to making your own choice.

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Each game has been rated, and we've also linked to the original review of any game we've covered. Each article also features each team member's three favorite games for all three systems, along with an explanation as to why.

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Which Console Would You Buy Right Now?

Next up is Team USG with their answers to the above question. Once you've read what they have to say, we'd love to hear your answers to the same question: Which console would you buy right now - and why?

Bob doesn't know much about Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, a deliberate move on his part, because he doesn't want the game spoiled before he plays it.
Bob Mackey Senior Writer

Which next-gen machine would you buy right now: PlayStation 4

Why: Well, to be fair, my ideal “console” would be a Wii U sitting on top of a gaming PC, but since that isn’t a real answer (you sticklers!) I’m going to make Sony’s console my number one choice. I’m not entirely happy with everything the PS4 has to offer, mind you: The pricing on PlayStation Now (for the time being) is absolutely absurd, for example, and this streaming-based service definitely puts people with subpar Internet connections at a disadvantage. PlayStation Plus, on the other hand, is the only console-related thing that rivals Steam in terms of pure savings. If you don’t mind playing things that aren’t always brand-new, it’s an incredible value. In addition, the early success of the PlayStation 4 indicates Sony learned a lot from the disastrous early years of the PS3, and what I’ve seen so far feels extremely promising. If anything, their showing at this year’s E3 provided enough variety to make me sit up and take notice.

Bob's most-anticipated PS4 game is this - Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The three games I'm most looking forward to: Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: I know it’s not a Sony exclusive, but I always associate Metal Gear with PlayStation—oh yeah, and what I’ve seen so far smacked my expectations in the back of a head with a shovel. Bloodborne: More Souls games? Yes, of course. Let’s keep doing this. Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture: I don’t know much about this game, and I’m going to keep it that way until I play it. I’m a real sucker for environmental storytelling.

Additional features that attracted me: I don’t typically use consoles for more than their primary duties, so I can’t say the extra features on the PS4 speak to me. But integrated Twitch streaming is something I might actually use when I have a PS4, so there’s that. I do some streaming here and there on PC, so it’d be nice to have an option that didn’t require as much setup.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: During the last console generation, I started with an Xbox 360 but pretty much abandoned it entirely once I picked up a PlayStation 3. Microsoft’s history of consumer-unfriendly practices like using their own infernal currency and charging a monthly fee for basic services free on other platforms—those are the reasons I find the Xbox brand unappealing. Above all, I get the feeling Microsoft doesn’t know what they want to do in the console world, and might have just a tinge of regret over getting into this costly game 15 years ago. Despite their failures over the years, Sony seems to have more of a vision, which is why I plan on investing my console gaming future in the PS4.

No Man's Sky is a hype train of unstoppable momentum. Understandable, because it does look utterly marvelous. We just hope it lives up to its potential.
Kat Bailey Senior Editor

Which next-gen machine would you buy right now: PlayStation 4

Why: As it stands, I would probably wait a year to pick up a next-gen console. Outside of a handful of games, there hasn't been a lot to motivate me to drop upwards of $500 on a new machine. Most of what I want to play won't be out until 2015 at the earliest. But if I had to choose, I would buy a PlayStation 4.

Having said that, I do own both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4; and thus far, I've been impressed by the PlayStation 4's usability and online plan. It's a massive improvement on the often-clunky PlayStation 3, and Sony has even managed to significantly improve the controller. As such, it's become my preferred console for third-party games, supplanting the Xbox 360. I've enjoyed Sunset Overdrive and Titanfall, and I'm looking forward to trying some Forza Horizon; but outside of those exclusive, I've spent the bulk of my time playing the PS4.

Right now, the PlayStation 4's biggest advantage over the Xbox One and Wii U is its breadth of indie exclusives, which are typically available for free via PlayStation Plus. Microsoft is starting to catch up, but Sony has been working overtime to get independent developers in their corner, and their efforts have paid off in the form of a variety of high-quality exclusives. Basically, if you want to play indies on a home console, the PlayStation 4 is the place to be.

Going forward, I expect the PS4 and Xbox One to level out, much as the PS3 and Xbox 360 did last generation. Microsoft definitely got off on the wrong foot with the Xbox One, but there have been definite signs of improvement since the beginning of the year. Barring a major update to the UI and some killer exclusives though, I think I'll be sticking with my PS4 (and Wii U) for the time being.

Like Bob, Kat's looking forward to Bloodborne. As indeed are most of the USgamer team.

The three games I'm most looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to playing Bloodborne. I don't know that it'll be a huge improvement on Dark Souls and its sequel graphically, but I'm fully onboard with whatever Hidetaka Miyazaki and his team come up with at this point. I doubt that it'll do world-beating numbers, but getting Bloodborne as a PS4 exclusive is actually a pretty big coup for Sony.

Unfortunately, Bloodborne likely won't be out for a while, and the same could be said for the other games I'm anticipating this generation. Square Enix has yet to offer any real details on Final Fantasy XV, much less a release date, so it'll be a while before we see that one. The same goes for Final Fantasy Type-0 HD. Beyond that, there's the usual spread of Sony exclusives, from LittleBigPlanet to Uncharted. To tell you the truth though, I'm mostly excited to be playing more indies on the PS4. Apotheon and No Man's Sky look just grand.

Additional features that attracted me: I'm really curious to see whether Sony can pull off streaming via PlayStation Now. It's a neat idea, but even speaking as someone living in San Francisco, I find myself wondering whether they will be able to fully address the issue of input lag. No matter how bad it is for me, I'm sure it'll be even worse in North Carolina or Idaho. Still, I like what Sony is trying to accomplish with their streaming service. It may not quite be a Netflix for gaming, but I expect it to steadily improve as time goes on. If it works, and Sony manages to load it up with enough games, the PS4's library will instantly become huge (addendum: I'm still bitter about the lack of backwards compatibility). Fingers crossed.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: I actually own both a Wii U and an Xbox One, so I suppose the question is moot. But if I had a gun to my head and I could only choose one of the three, I would probably pick the PS4. I would have to think about it for a while though. Over the years, I've stuck with Sony because I know that's where Japanese developed games and RPGs will ultimately end up; and for the most part I haven't been disappointed (though I had to wait quite a while with the PS3). I actually really like the Wii U, but as a supplementary system rather than my primary console. With third parties outside of Platinum all but refusing to support it, the library just isn't that deep. You know what they say about content being king? That would be the PC. But the PS4 will at least be a close second.

Sometimes it seems like Nintendo has the lock on cheery, fun, bright and colorful games. But that's only because you're forgetting LittleBigPlanet.
Jaz Rignall Editor-at-Large

What next-gen machine would you buy right now: Xbox One

Why: I've got both a PS4 and an Xbox One, but if I had to get rid of one... Well... That's a tough, tough choice. If truth be told, I’ve actually used my Xbox One far, far more than my PS4 since I bought both in November of last year. The main reason for that is a trio of exclusives: Titanfall (which I’ve played incessantly), Forza Motorsport 5, and Forza Horizon 2, which is my current go-to racing game, and general all-round obsession.

Because of that, I'd buy an Xbox One right now. That's a flip-flop from the last two times I've been asked this same question - the PS4 emerged supreme both times before. This time around, however, Xbox One exclusive Forza Horizon 2 is seriously tipping the scales in Xbox One's favor thanks to it being my most favorite racing game for years - buoyed by the fact that arch rival PS4 racer DriveClub just doesn't come close to it.

The other thing that's changed is that Xbox One can now be bought for $50 less than a PS4. That might change soon - either the Xbox going back to $399 or the PS4 matching the lower Xbox One price. However, this question is about the here and now, and that $50 is not to be sneezed at - especially considering this time last year, Xbox One was getting ready to roll out at $100 over the price of PS4.

Fantasia: Music Evolved. Jaz' one and only Kinect experience.

Speaking of which - I shelled out that ton-up premium for an Xbox One, and that left me feeling pretty disgruntled - especially as it seemed I was paying extra for a piece of redundant pack-in tech I just wasn't interested in. My Kinect has been gathering dust since then, and apart from using it to play Fantasia: Music Evolved, it's been a complete waste of money. But now I've gotten over blowing a c-note on then-mandatory, useless tech, and having spent so much time playing Xbox One games, I'm feeling a lot more positive about it now. Basically, what I feel I wasted on Kinect, I've more than gotten back from the console itself.

I still don’t have my own Wii U as of yet. There’s not really been a compelling reason for me to buy one up until recently, but Bayonetta 2 has pushed me right to the brink of purchase. The only thing holding me back is that Wii U is still a bit on the pricey side, especially when you take into account how much I’ve already shelled out on the other two consoles in the last year. Maybe if it drops a little in price, and if I can trade in some of my old games to mitigate the cost a bit further, I'll go for it. It's only a matter of time anyway - there are some great games slated for the machine in 2015 that I absolutely want to play.

While I've chosen Xbox One this time around, the PS4 is only a half-step behind. I’ve been a PlayStation fan ever since I was blown away by a behind-the-scenes demo of the very first one in 1994. I’ve bought each new Sony-branded console on day one of its release, and I’ve never been disappointed. Well, almost. The early days of PlayStation 3 were pretty crappy if truth be told, and my machine was little more than a Blu Ray player for more months than I care to mention. But the machine turned around in the end, and I have no complaints about the last generation. Well, other than my first fat PlayStation 3 burned itself out after about three years.

I think both machines' interfaces are great. They're functional and easy to use, so there are no deal-breakers there. The Xbox One is the better media machine, so if you're a heavy TV watcher, I'd definitely factor that into the equation. The PS4 is physically smaller than the Xbox One if that makes a difference. And from what I understand, the PS4 has an edge in terms of power - though quite how much remains to be seen.

Looking into my crystal ball, I'm probably more interested in what's coming up on PS4 than Xbox One, but as we've seen with DriveClub recently, we just can't judge their quality until we've played the games first hand. So for now, I'm asking myself this one simple question as a tiebreaker: given a choice between a PS4 or Xbox One plus five of their respective best games, which one would I buy right now? The answer is Xbox One - but only just.

The three games I'm most looking forward to: The next Gran Turismo. Hopefully, this generation won’t make us wait eons like we had to the last time around. To me, it can't come soon enough - especially after DriveClub turned out to be such a technical disappointment.

Another game I saw at E3 that I found really intriguing was Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. It’s not quite a game, but more of a storytelling experience that packs some really great ideas. I reckon it won’t be a long-lasting experience, but it is exceptionally imaginative and interesting. And anyway, one of my favorite games of the last generation was Journey, and that didn’t offer more than a few hours gameplay, but it was still phenomenal.

Lastly... well - take your pick. I'm very excited by Bloodborne like everyone else, and the Division looks phenomenal, but I haven't had the chance to play it yet. And, of course, there's No Man's Sky - along with the aforementioned LittleBigPlanet 3. Now I think about it, that's my third most-anticipated game.

It's pretty crazy that my most anticipated games are all PS4, yet I'm choosing Xbox One to buy. But then again, if those games aren't quite what we hope, I'm pretty sure I'll still be putting more console hours into my Xbox One. It just shows how tight a choice this is - but one thing's for sure. Both machines deliver the goods.

Additional features that attracted me: Nothing much. I don’t really care about the social features at all – most of my social interaction is done down the barrel of a gun, or whatever weapon I have available. So more ways of reaching out and connecting with the friends I don’t have means nothing to me. I like the idea of sharing videos – perhaps to show off some cool stuff, but again, it’s a neat thing, rather than a "wow" thing.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: Actually, I chose and bought both the Xbox and PlayStation in real life. But for the benefit of this feature, the Xbox One edges PS4 in a photo finish on pure personal preference when it comes to games I’m most interested in right now - games I'm actually playing. Wii U takes third because its release roster is more limited, and I think it’s still too expensive. If Nintendo can cut the price, and once those fantastic games we saw at E3 this year are released, the Wii U will be a far more attractive option than it is at the moment.

Ultimately, you can't go wrong with PS4 or Xbox One, so choose whichever one has the most games you're interested in - and factor in the latter machine's media credentials if that's important to you. Wii U is a cool machine, but in the company of Sony and Microsoft’s giants, it just seems a little overpriced for what it has to offer.

Shadow of Mordor is a gentle saunter into Sauron's back yard, where you can enjoy recreational activities like mind controlling large wolves and using them to eat orcs.
Mike Williams Staff Writer

What next-gen machine would you buy right now: PlayStation 4

Why: Last year, after Sony's absolute thrashing of Microsoft at its press conference, I surfed to Amazon on my smartphone and pre-ordered a PlayStation 4. So far game-wise, both platform holders have released some compelling titles, but in a wash they're both equal. Microsoft has done a good job gaining ground back from Sony.

Both systems sit under my entertainment center, but if I only had enough money to purchase one, it'd still be the PlayStation 4. The Xbox One is a better media box for me, but if the focus is playing games, I spend far more time on my PlayStation 4. For multi-platform games, it looks like Sony's console will continue to hold the edge and the DualShock 4 is a superior controller to Microsoft's option.

Of course, this was an easier decision when the Xbox One was $100 more than the PS4. I'd be willing to miss out on Sunset Overdrive, Phantom Dust, Crackdown, and Killer Instinct for $100, but now, the choice is much harder. The PlayStation 4 feels like the better game system overall, but Microsoft is now close behind and its exclusives seem stronger.

Uncharted 4 is riding high on Mike's top PS4 games list.

The three games I'm most looking forward to: Uncharted 4 is almost a killer app for me. I've always loved the Uncharted series, though U4 is early enough that my jury is still out. Then there's No Man's Sky, which seem full of possibility. Finally, I came out of E3 excited for a few multi-platform titles - Batman: Arkham Knight, Assassin's Creed Unity, and Shadow of Mordor - that I'll probably be buying on PlayStation 4.

Additional features that attracted me: Vita Remote Play is absolutely perfect. I thought off-screen play was one of the Wii U's better ideas, but the Gamepad is limited to a certain area that doesn't stretch throughout my entire apartment, whereas my WiFi does. I've also tested the feature by connecting to my system from someone else's WiFi; it worked great. Being able to continue a PS4 game on a Vita makes me love the little portable even more. Plus, the Share button feature is pretty awesome for on-the-fly Twitch streaming. Plus, pulling screenshots of games for reviews right off the system with a USB drive is too cool.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: Performance. The games shown at E3 2014 for the Xbox One and PS4 generally perform better on the latter platform. If you only have one, that's fine, but in a shoot-out the PlayStation 4 wins hands-down. There's also my assumption that Japan's support of the Xbox One will be as strong as its support of the Xbox 360. Which is to say, almost non-existent.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker takes its cues from the bonus stages in Super Mario 3D Land and turns them into a brilliant game.
Jeremy Parish Editor-in-Chief

Which next-gen machine would you buy right now: Wii U

Why: This was not an easy answer by any means. Let's say some disaster — a hurricane, I guess — were to come and destroy my apartment and leave me with just enough money to invest in a single current console… that would be tough. It would be a toss-up between PlayStation 4 and Wii U. I think, in the end, I'd probably go with a Wii U. That could change a year from now, but at this very moment? Yeah. Wii U.

Wii U has several advantages at the moment. It's more affordable, so you can snag a great library along with the console without breaking the bank. It's backward compatible, playing both Wii and Virtual Console releases (including Wii Virtual Console games, of which I own hundreds). And its one-year head start over the competition means its library is already reaching maturity and critical mass, while the other systems are kind of coasting along on good feelings.

On top of that, this year's E3 showings really cemented the fact that Wii U is the console to go to for exclusive and unique games. Most of the big releases for the other systems appear on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but Nintendo offers a ridiculous number of unique games that, honestly, look a lot more interesting to me than further iterations on the same tired genres. Like most people, I see Wii U as a natural complement to the mainstream consoles, but if I had to pick… I'd probably go with the unique content. I'd pine for Destiny and Alien: Isolation, but I'd survive.

Jeremy would be happy owning any current-gen console, but only one has Mario Maker.

The three games I'm most looking forward to: Mario Maker seems like a must-have, even if it doesn't build much further on what we saw at E3 (though by all accounts it will) — a tool for making and sharing Mario games that manages to be a fun and amusing toy in and of itself. Xenoblade Chronicles X appears to be a refinement of the massive, open-world odyssey Xenoblade, so that's good enough for me. And finally… hmm. I kind of want to say Yoshi's Wooly World, but nah, let's go with Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. I loved those bonus stages in Super Mario 3D Land, and the opportunity to play an entire game comprised of those seems too good to pass up.

Additional features that attracted me: Honestly, it's as simple as the reasons I outlined above. The system's access to such an extensive library of classics through Virtual Console really helps sell it, though. I was on the fence about PlayStation Now, but now that I've seen it in action and — more crucially — have seen a glimpse of the insane prices Sony is charging for software "rentals," I think I'll go with Virtual Console. It's not cheap, but at least there's a sense of permanence to it; I still have access to the VC games I bought at the Wii's launch in 2006.

Why I didn't choose its competitors: Again, it wasn't an easy choice; PlayStation 4 is pretty great, and Xbox One isn't too shabby, either. I could get by owning only any one of them. In the end, though, PS4 and Xbox One just need a little longer to build up steam, by which I mean a library. The lack of backward compatibility for both systems really hurts them in the near term — I have plenty of games from last generation I need to catch up on, and Wii U is the only system that lets me do that while retiring my previous console. I find myself spending as much time with my PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as I do their successors, whereas the only thing I've done with Wii since the sequel launched has been to transfer my games over to Wii U. Yeah, so Wii U doesn't have quite as much oomph under the hood as its competition. I'll take fresh ideas over horsepower any day.

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  • Avatar for Baleoce #1 Baleoce 5 years ago
    I've had a Playstation 4 pre-ordered since February 21st, and will definitely be sticking to it. They're clear on their convictions with this machine, and if the promises of return to form for ease of development (ala PS1 era) are true, then this is set to be a fantastic, and potentially groundbreaking system. I too love the import games, and region free aspect. There's some hidden gems out there that you otherwise wouldn't even notice. Their PR is so much more.. palatable as well. However, I hope that X1 is able to put up stiff competition, because that's how they keep each other on their toes. Very much looking forward to next gen either-way.

    EDIT - Also, the prospect of Vita remote streaming *every* non-camera game is very appealing to me. So that basically sealed the deal, especially now the console is not bundled with the camera/forcing devs to use the tech.Edited July 2013 by Baleoce
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  • Avatar for EuroDarlan #2 EuroDarlan 5 years ago
    It's really no contest. The PS4 is cheaper, slightly more powerful, and I just plain trust Sony more not to ruin the user experience by filling it with ads and putting stuff like Netflix behind a paywall. And on top of that there's the fact that the Xbox's premier developer-Bungie-has gone multiplatform, and that Halo, Fable and Gears all feel like they're running out of gas/having key developers leave their teams; all while Sony continues to deliver even this year with the Last of Us, Ni no Kuni, Gran Turismo 6, and's just a ridiculously one-sided fight. The only reason I see to get a Xbox One is if you *have* to have the next Halo...and aren't convinced that Destiny is pretty much that, but with more creative juice in the tank.

    Edit: Oh, and perhaps if you are a racing game fan, I'm not, but general consensus seems to be that Forza is the king there.Edited 3 times. Last edited July 2013 by EuroDarlan
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  • Avatar for cronson #3 cronson 5 years ago
    1. Wow, I didn't expect a total landslide for the PS4. Interesting.
    2. After paying for XBL for 6 years and having downloaded so many games, I think the real nail in the Xbox coffin for me was the total lack of support for those downloadable titles. I assumed, like the iOS ecosystem, I'd buy the next version of hardware and be able to carry all those previously purchased titles with me. I know most people don't love cloud gaming right now, and maybe Sony will charge for this pipe dream, but if there's a chance I could still play my PSN purchases a year from now on my PS4, I'm so down.

    Also, random aside, I sold my Xbox 360 the other day to a guy on craigslist and therefore reformatted the HDD. It was an extremely strange and liberating feeling knowing I'd just wipped out all those games saves in one button press. I don't think I liked it, but I'm not sure.
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  • Avatar for fullyillustrated #4 fullyillustrated 5 years ago
    I'd initially pre-ordered the PS4 based solely on Killzone and the seeming interest it was drawing from the Indie crowd, but then I saw Ryse on Xbox One, fell in love with it (big Roman history geek) as well as Killer Instinct 3 and ended up with a pre-order down for both. Oops. Expensive year end!
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  • Avatar for DylanTSnyder #5 DylanTSnyder 5 years ago
    PS4 almost exclusively because of Transistor. I will have both eventually, though.
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  • Avatar for JimmyDanger #6 JimmyDanger 5 years ago
    I sprung for Xbox One, purely because I think the initial exclusive launch offerings look stronger/more suited to my tastes. I also trust in MS to have a tighter integrated OS/functionality/feature set at launch, which for most multiplatform titles - I value highly. When The Order comes out - maybe I'll have a look at PS4.
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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #7 SargeSmash 5 years ago
    I'm a bit more interested in the PS4, but I'll be buying a Wii U first. And then a Vita. As soon as a price drop hits, or there are enough titles on either system to push me over the edge.
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  • Avatar for DylanTSnyder #8 DylanTSnyder 5 years ago
    I think we can all agree that both systems have really strong game lineups. Sony has, as I mentioned earlier, Transistor, Second Son, The Order, and even Killzone looks like it's finding new legs.

    Microsoft have Below, Sunset Overdrive, Ryse and Quantum Break. Some really cool titles on the horizon, whichever you choose.
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  • Avatar for IndianaGamer #9 IndianaGamer 5 years ago
    I see that I'm very much in the minority here. While I don't intend to buy either console anytime soon, I would pick the Xbox One, simply because I've had zero problems with my 360 in the four years I've owned it, and I've never owned a Playstation. Plus, I suppose I AM a Halo fanboy.
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  • Avatar for a_random_hobo #10 a_random_hobo 5 years ago
    I pre-ordered both mostly because an unexpected freelance gig put an extra $1500 in my bank account the week of was like fate was telling me to get both.

    If I had to choose though, PS4 would win. I'm a Sony fanboy and PS+ is such a great value...
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  • Avatar for zidanix #11 zidanix 5 years ago
    I think I'm just going to buy a Vita. A price drop would convince me to take the plunge. Next gen? Next year.
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  • Avatar for kmcroc #12 kmcroc 5 years ago
    Was going to get both , but realized that the Xbox One was more to my liking so I will get it first & maybe 3 to 5 of those day one games for it . Some day I will buy the other console.Edited July 2013 by kmcroc
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  • Avatar for Spazgadget #13 Spazgadget 5 years ago
    While I'll eventually (probably) pick up an X1 for some juicy exclusive, my heart is absolutely with Playstation for the time being. Like many of the staff writers above, Sony has shown that it gives a damn about gamers, gaming, and righting the mistakes of their past. Microsoft just seems.... out of touch.
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  • Avatar for Shamroqs #14 Shamroqs 5 years ago
    I'm not preordering either system at this point, but if I had to choose, it'd most definitely be the PlayStation 4.

    Sony has gone back to the drawing board with their system design and their policies for dealing with developers (especially independents) and seems bent on regaining all of the market and mind share that they've lost to the Xbox over the past two generations. And with Microsoft's recent flurry of PR/policy gaffes, the philosophical differences between both companies have become even more readily apparent. Sony is courting gamers and smaller independent developers and appears to be intent on following the same model employed to great success by Valve/Steam and other digital distributors on the PC platform. Meanwhile, Microsoft seems intent on following the Apple/itunes model, preferring to buddy up with large publishers and exercise total control of their ecosystem by implementing draconian DRM and unnecessary gate keeping along with premium service fees (among other things).

    I don't believe that it takes a rocket scientist to figure out which company's policies will work out better for gamers/consumers in the long run, and even with Microsoft's 180 in response to the backlash from their recent announcements, I have zero faith that they have any intention of straying from the path they previously set for their console. Like many others, I also have no desire to have a Kinect unit forced into my living room.

    I suspect that at some point I'll eventually break down and find a reason to justify the purchase of both systems, but I don't see a "killer app" on either side right now that is going to prompt me to preorder or purchase day one. In the mean time, I'll remain incredibly happy with my gaming PC hooked up to my living room television, which gives me the largest games library of any system and in most cases remains almost eternally backwards compatible.Edited July 2013 by Shamroqs
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  • Avatar for alexmcintosh #15 alexmcintosh 5 years ago
    I don't pre-order consoles, but right now, I'm a bit split. Though everyone is set on the PS4, I still like some of the Xbox exclusives, and the controller.

    I'll just wait until launch. Whatever console the majority of my friends are on, and the console that interests me the most at the time, will be bought.
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  • Avatar for Rory-Taylor #16 Rory-Taylor 5 years ago
    I've already pre-ordered a PS4. For the past 17 or so years, a Sony console has been a mainstay in my bedroom/dorm room/living room. It just feels right. The type of games I prefer - namely niche Japanese games - appear on Sony consoles exclusively or at least feel more at home there. And with PS4, it appears to be the home of those types of games as well as great looking indie games like The Witness, Octodad, and Transistor.

    That's not to say I haven't enjoyed the Xbox as well. I thought the original Xbox was great and had an entirely distinctive library all its own. Then, when the Xbox 360 launched, I was on board big time. But, over the years my enthusiasm for their brand has waned. With each successive update to the dashboard, things are harder to find, and I'm bombarded with more ads, or just stuff I don't care about. I'm increasingly annoyed by XBL, god damned spacebucks, and their cheesy policies of hiding services behind the Gold paywall as a way of artificially pumping up the perceived value of their service. So much so that after 10 years, I let my subscription lapse. I'm not saying I'm writing off Xbox One entirely, but at this point MS has a lot to do to get me back in the fold.

    It's interesting to see Sony's next gen strategy; it's as if they're driving a wedge into every chink in MS's armor. MS restricts used games, Sony takes a Laissez-faire attitude. MS oppresses indies, Sony actively courts them and allows them to self-publish. Looking at the PS4 reveal, it was almost self-deprecating if you read between the lines. All the hubris that accompanied the PS2/PS3 eras is gone. Mark Cerny, game developer by trade, is now the hardware architect. Ken Kutaragi? That whackjob is on another continent, bro. Those days of super esoteric system architecture and pricing their console in the stratosphere are over. This is the new Sony. The developer friendly Sony. It's good guy Sony.
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  • Avatar for zoot_car #17 zoot_car 5 years ago
    I found a picture of this vote taking place:
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  • Avatar for MrFester #18 MrFester 5 years ago
    Currently we are a 3 console house, When the new GENS make it to the market it will be PS4 only, I pre-ordered my PS4 during E3 conference when Amazon turned on the web portal.
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  • Avatar for twopenny #19 twopenny 5 years ago
    From what I've seen so far, the kinect really is the biggest hang-up I have. I don't have a huge TV in my small apartment, and instead connect my consoles to my PC monitor through HDMI ports. I'm fairly certain it simply won't work with my current setup.

    Obviously, if a developer finds a way to make the Kinect appealing—to make that game we’ve all got have—then I’ll of course change my tune and make it work. As it stands right now, some exclusive titles and a seemingly uninspired, gimmicky peripheral don’t make the sale for me.

    In all honestly, I don’t think I’m the kind of customer Microsoft is gunning for, and I can respect that; I’m not going to be buying their hardware as a result.

    I don’t have a preorder just yet—many years of experience has carved a “wait-and-see” attitude into my soul; but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t extremely excited to see how these launches pan out.Edited July 2013 by twopenny
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  • Avatar for generiko #20 generiko 5 years ago
    xbox because of that Crimson Dragon and maybe that D4.
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  • Avatar for nathanstinson41 #21 nathanstinson41 5 years ago
    I already pre-ordered a PS4
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  • Avatar for cubadoo #22 cubadoo 5 years ago
    I must admit i was totally gutted that gt6 wasnt a ps4 game but ive preordered allready ,the only reason i had a jap 360 was for the cave shooters really(i got a ps3 too) and i game on a high end pc so i cant say im that enthusiastic about the next gen games except for the exclusives.I think the pricing of the next gen games is a total ripoff £20 more than a pc title which will still be the better version , but i suppose we spend a daft amount on the pc itself to run it lol.
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  • Avatar for Stealth20k #23 Stealth20k 5 years ago
    i choose 3ds, wii u and ps4
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  • Avatar for bigdsweetz #24 bigdsweetz 5 years ago
    PS4. I don't watch TV so all the "extra" things the Xbox can do aren't really a selling point. It's not a bad console, I'm just not the target audience. I'll prob end up with a Wii U before I get a Xbox 1. (please don't kill me Xbox fan's. it's just how I feel.)
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  • Avatar for calvingray27 #25 calvingray27 5 years ago
    Okay I've been reading on this issue for a while now and this is what I'm not understanding. Xbox is microsofts gaming division so what does anyone mean they weren't game focused. They lost like a billion dollars just to get into this field. I love the fact that they are trying new things because hey I like different experences. People who have xbox live gold spend more than half their time not playing games so how is it that adding features to your console is bad. Xbox live cosg 60 dollars a year and how dashboard updates has sony received that's made it better. Remember the six axxess controller welp hear we go again I'm happy you will pay 399 for your incomplete system I'll pay 499 for the one they spent all the r&d on. I'm not a fanboy really I'm not it's just can anyone do anything without people hating on it for trying to change it up for the better (or worse) give it a shot first. The publishers wanted a better way to control there content so sony saying we'll keep it the same is bull just a way to try and make themselves look better. Everything is connected and when it's not it sucks you can't call you can't update, you can't play steam so why the uproar because ignorance is bliss.
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  • Avatar for EuroDarlan #26 EuroDarlan 5 years ago
    @calvingray27 I'm a little bit confused, what is incomplete about the PS4? Is it that fact that the camera peripheral is optional? Also, calling people's distaste for always-on DRM "ignorance" is quite off the mark, it comes from a place of being well aware that all systems and servers go down here and there, and a failure of Microsoft to explain the benefits of the system, aside from DRM.
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  • Avatar for DopeBoy3010 #27 DopeBoy3010 5 years ago
    @calvingray27 well said brother
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  • Avatar for DopeBoy3010 #28 DopeBoy3010 5 years ago
    @alexmcintosh you do the right thing brother cuz u are a wise guy n u r not a fan boyEdited July 2013 by DopeBoy3010
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  • Avatar for ANIR0X2K00L #29 ANIR0X2K00L 5 years ago
    Deleted July 2013 by ANIR0X2K00L
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  • Avatar for ANIR0X2K00L #30 ANIR0X2K00L 5 years ago
    Xbox one will cost $800 in my country and Playstation 4 will cost $600. So a ps4 over xbox one is a no brainer.
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  • Avatar for ANIR0X2K00L #31 ANIR0X2K00L 5 years ago
    Deleted July 2013 by ANIR0X2K00L
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  • Avatar for ANIR0X2K00L #32 ANIR0X2K00L 5 years ago
    @ANIR0X2K00L@ANIR0X2K00L Though i will prefer to update my PC as of now and continue using it as my primary platform and buying either console after 1 to 2 years when the price drops to a sensible cost.
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  • Avatar for aaronights #33 aaronights 5 years ago
    No mention of Wii U? I release it's in a tough spot right now and none of you would probably have selected it as a choice, but it's an option for a next generation console. Be nice if it still had it's slice of the action. I'm a Wii U owner and I probably will stubbornly stick to it as my sole console for the next few years. I'm not the kind of person that needs to be playing games in every second of my spare time, and somewhat because of that I doubt I'll run out of titles to purchase and play. Besides, games like Super Mario 3D World, Donkey Kong Country Pineapple Crush and Sonic Lost World are all great looking games in my genre of preference.
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  • Avatar for Jonny5Alive7 #34 Jonny5Alive7 5 years ago
    I want to buy an Xbox One but Microsoft is making it difficult for me to actually go ahead and do it. I'm a 360 owner so I would prefer to just carry on through to the next Xbox. MS's insistence on trying to make money out of people at every turn is what is putting me off.

    If the PS4 had the Xbox controller then I would pre-order it right now. As it is I'm still undecided.
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  • Avatar for Mega_Matt #35 Mega_Matt 5 years ago
    Preordered my launch Ps4 from Amazon. The Ps4 seems like the place to go for indie games on consoles and I like that.
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  • Avatar for skybald #36 skybald 5 years ago
    Dat PSN+ value. Have a PS4 preordered at GameStop and can't wait to kick off my playthroughs of WarFrame, PlanetSide 2, and Watch_Dogs live-streamed on the Internet.
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  • Avatar for Captain-Gonru #37 Captain-Gonru 5 years ago
    I already own my next-gen console.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #38 cldmstrsn 4 years ago
    I would buy a PS4. it is cheaper and it has games that I want to play, simple as that. Also I dont want to have to pay for xbox live just to watch netflix.
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  • Avatar for cscaskie #39 cscaskie 4 years ago
    I just can't wait for the PS4 to launch in Japan. That's when it's really going to turn into the system for me.
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  • Avatar for EuroDarlan #40 EuroDarlan 4 years ago
    In my opinion, Halo, Uncharted, God of War, and Gears of War are all played out, and neither the Order or Titanfall are doing much for it's really about which system is the place to play multiplatorm games. If we're restricting ourselves to consoles, PS4 is the no-brainer, but I'm probably going to just get an HTPC instead this generation and enjoy my back catalog of Steam games as well as the likes of Witcher 3 and Fallout 4. I'm so sick of a lack of backward compatibility and walled gardens.

    Edit: Hmm, it looks like there are very old comments below, is this a repost of the same article? Have the votes/reasoning changed at all?Edited January 2014 by EuroDarlan
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  • Avatar for SargeSmash #41 SargeSmash 4 years ago
    To follow up on my post from... 199 days ago? Whoa. Anyway, I did indeed buy a Wii U, and it is great. I don't plan on buying either of these consoles for a while yet, although if pressed into the decision now, I'd still probably go with the PS4.

    But just like last time, there's another system that I'd probably go for first, and that's the Vita. Sorry, next-gen! Maybe I'll catch up eventually! (Oh, huh, I mentioned that in my previous post, too. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see.)Edited January 2014 by SargeSmash
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  • Avatar for DiscordInc #42 DiscordInc 4 years ago
    I'm a little surprised that no one spoke for the Xbox One, though I can't disagree with their reasoning. While I'm not interested in picking either console up at retail, if I had to pick one the PS4 seem like the much better option right now.
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  • Avatar for man.the.king #43 man.the.king 4 years ago
    Considering that every single member of the staff voted for PS4, I have to say this is a brave article, clearly outlining where the staff members' current individual preferences lie (and their reasons for the same), and willing to risk some hardcore XBox fans' ire in the process.Edited 2 times. Last edited January 2014 by man.the.king
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  • Avatar for MrFester #44 MrFester 4 years ago
    Nothing like a PS vs Xbox article to bring out the raging fanbois. Shocking how little everyone comments until something like this.
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #45 Jaz_Rignall 4 years ago
    @DiscordInc I sort of did. I mean I have both, and said that it was the PS4 by the slimmest of margins. And this despite the Xbox One being my most-played of the two so far.

    I think the price is a really strong factor here, and also, opinions might change a little over time as we see each machines' software library begin to fill. PS4 certainly has a head start for indie games, and we're expecting a ton of those - but Xbox One will come through a little later, you can be sure of that.
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  • Avatar for Frosty840 #46 Frosty840 4 years ago
    Totally unrelated to the article, what's up with the comments having been written two hundred days ago, some more a few days after that, and only the last few having been written after the article was published?

    Is this a revision of an older article, or what?
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  • Avatar for Critical_Hit #47 Critical_Hit 4 years ago
    PS4. PS4. PS4. It was at launch, it was before launch, and barring a radical recalibrating of Microsoft's entire business model in this area, it will be in the future.

    I had an Xbox - technically, I still do, it's just with one of my cousins somewhere in New Jersey. I had a 360 too - ditto for that. I didn't give away my PSX, PS2 or PS3. After the past two generations, it's clear that Microsoft sucks as a first party and as a hardware manufacturer.

    I buy game consoles for games. And Sony continually makes world-class exclusive titles in all genres from teams all over the world. Titles like Ape Escape, Sly Cooper, Puppeteer and Littlebigplanet all happily co-exist alongside games like Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted and Beyond: 2 Souls -- THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD BE. It doesn't matter if it comes from a Japanese, European or US-based studio. Sony puts out gold more often than not, whether you're looking for mature titles or more Nintendo-like stuff.

    Microsoft is far more interested in spending money on advertising their general XBone brand than actual making compelling exclusives for their hardware. And if they do make a cool game, if it's not Halo/Forza/Gears, you can guarantee it will not be marketed well and they'll drop it immediately. Crimson Skies, Sudeki, Jade Empire, Crackdown, Viva Pinata, Urban Assault, Mechassault, Powerstar Golf, Lost Odyssey... they have so many games that COULD HAVE been huge franchises. But they don't give a shit about any game that doesn't manage to sell 7 million copies in 24 hours. The Xbox Platform might as well be EA's home console, or Activision's, based on how often the "Xbox" logo is attached to the end of a Call of Duty, Madden or Battlefield commercials. That's all MS cares about >:(

    Meanwhile, they obnoxiously toss dollars at every advertising opportunity that presents itself. Give away Xboxes in McDonald's Monopoly, make sure kids in TV shows are pretending to play games with an Xbox controller, it's the official console of the NFL, everyone on Arrow uses Windows 8 PC's, etc. etc. etc. They produce, like, 200% more commercials than Nintendo + Sony combined, I swear. Just like how they assault the airwaves (both ads and product placement) with ads for Windows Phones, Surface, Bing and whatever else they do... like anyone would use Bing instead of Google.

    MS sucks. I learned that for the last time 2 years after the 360 came out and the damn console Red Ring'd on me for a fourth time. Got it repaired, immediately gave it to my cousin, and bought my PS3. I haven't seen ANYTHING about the XBone that changes my perception of them. It helped that they were so overt about being apathetic towards video games this gen, what with the big reveal being more about TV shows than games. Or the big, full-priced retail titles all having shitty microtransactions. And while games like Project Spark look incredibly promising, I know they don't know what to do with it. It could be their Littlebigplanet, but it'll be forgotten 5 months after it came out, just 'cuz you don't shoot anyone in it.

    MS can bite me. PS4 is the game console to get, because you know Sony's going to be bringing amazing games to the platform. Ones with a FUTURE, because Sony CARES ABOUT BUILDING FRANCHISES. The Japanese support will be on Sony's platform once again too. And the Indie scene - right behind the Steam Machines, of course. So PS4, PS4, PS4. Every time, the answer is the same.Edited January 2014 by Critical_Hit
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  • Avatar for SOUP32 #48 SOUP32 4 years ago
    It'd be PS4 for me.
    I already own a Vita, so there's the remote play aspect, that I've already put to a ton of use with my Wii U.
    Between cross-buy, and Playstation Plus, I already own a decent amount of PS4 games.

    On top of all that though, I'm just a bigger fan of Sony's exclusives than microsofts. Uncharted, Infamous, and the multitude of exclusive Japanese titles are big deciding factors for me.

    Also, trophies.
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  • Avatar for jimdove76 #49 jimdove76 4 years ago
    Neither, Id build a gaming PC much more powerful than either console and save money after the first year lone just becuase of the offset of PC games being in most cases LESS THAN HALF THE PRICE of the console versions, as well as steam sales giving me and end result of much better looking and running games, many many MANY more games owned, and a fuckton less money spent over the life cycle of the console. There would be about 3 console exclusives i may miss but gain about 60 pc exclusives, add to that the lifespan u can get from a game due to mods, look at skyrim ffs!. Backward compatibility, and the fac tthat playing your older games on a spanking new pc will most of the time make them run and play much better give yhem a whole new lease of life. Console gaming ONLY is for the rich and the stupid.

    Id pick up one of these if they drop to 100quid or so. Same with the Wii U. As a proper gaming machine for everything I would never stick to just a console.
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  • Avatar for epiksol #50 epiksol 4 years ago
    PS4 for me for just about all of the reasons laid out in this article.

    As a side note– I find it funny that those who would choose neither feel so compelled to say so and proceed to prove some point.

    The article title clearly states Xbox One vs PlayStation 4; NOT Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 vs PC vs Wii U...
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  • Avatar for Jgray1087 #51 Jgray1087 4 years ago
    Game console I would get: PS4

    Kinect is the downfall by having it with every console.It is a waste and my friends that currently have a Xbox one says it doesn't work(how they want it to) 50% of the time. Get rid of it(make it an addon)!Next is saying the system can support 1080p(which i can see being true) but most games are stuck at 720p. Get some games that are 1080p.

    So here is a cliffnotes version:
    - Get rid of kinect and make a "budget" edition
    -Get games that are 1080p
    -Reduce the console by 125
    If they dont do this they need to throw in the towel.
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  • Avatar for stalkingdead #52 stalkingdead 4 years ago
    I’ve done a lot of research, tested both Xbox One and PS4 along with multiple games and IMO there is a clear winner. Plus after looking all over the web, I found the absolute best online deal:
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  • Avatar for mikapoghosyan62 #53 mikapoghosyan62 4 years ago
    this Article is successfully sponsored by Sony PlayStation
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #54 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    Wii-U! It's the Wii-U all the way for me!

    Right now it's not even a contest. I don't understand people talking like PS4 has a better library... that doesn't seem true at all. It's like Jeremy said, Wii-U seems to have more unique and interesting games than the competition. PS4 seems to have a lot of the same types of games you can get on PC, and there's kind of a homogeneity there... it's kind of depressing. But with Wii-U, I feel like the gaming industry that I grew up with and love is still alive.
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  • Avatar for dangalloway15 #55 dangalloway15 4 years ago
    lmao @ Jeremy....he just HAS to choose the WiiU to be different.
    I've been following you since 1Up, and you haven't changed a still don't know what you're talking about
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  • Avatar for Stealth20k #56 Stealth20k 4 years ago
    Wii U is the system to buy right now
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  • Avatar for catstronaut #57 catstronaut 4 years ago
    Right now and for the foreseeable future? Wii U all the way. I've had a PS4 since just after launch, and outside of a few days of Resogun and a week or two of Towerfall Ascension, it hasn't gotten any play at all. It's basically a Netflix 4 at this point, and I don't see anything exciting on the horizon until The Evil Within.

    Wii U has had a bunch of great games, though, and I've been playing the thing on and off constantly since I got it. 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Wind Waker HD, Pikmin 3, NSMBU, NintendoLand (surprisingly good, give it a chance), Rayman Legends, Tropical Freeze, Shovel Knight, etc. Add to that the great gamepad features, miiverse integration, and backwards compatibility, and you've got Nintendo on their absolute A-game. It's a stellar console.
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  • Avatar for Natabuu #58 Natabuu 4 years ago
    What's with all the old articles with new publish dates recently?

    Edit: never mind. I see that just the comments are old, not the article. The comments are carried over from an older article on the same subject.Edited 4 times. Last edited July 2014 by Natabuu
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  • Avatar for pashaveliki #59 pashaveliki 4 years ago
    In the move from gen 7 to gen 8, it's funny to see the "PSWii" movement being reborn with prettier graphics.
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  • Avatar for pashaveliki #60 pashaveliki 4 years ago
    @SargeSmash A Wii U and Vita combo, eh? Ballsy. At the moment I am living with a Wii U, Vita and 3DS, and I can say it is definitely a livable, albeit idiosyncratic, combo. You won't be able to play everything, but what is on offer is wholly unique and fantastic.
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  • Avatar for SigurdVolsung #61 SigurdVolsung 4 years ago
    If I didn't already have the PS4 my answer would still be that. But my 2nd system, which I plan on buying next month, is going to be the Wii-U. I don't even know when or if I'll get an Xbox One.
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  • Avatar for sakicfan84 #62 sakicfan84 4 years ago
    I have a Wii U which I've had a blast with. At this point, it definitely offers up much more exclusive content for me considering I have a very capable gaming PC. There aren't any current Xbox One or PS4 exclusives that even tempt me towards buying one of the new consoles. With more and more games getting PC releases, it might be years and several price drops before I invest in one of the new consoles. As of right now, PC and Wii U have the most and best exclusives, and I'm more than content with both of them.
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #63 Jaz_Rignall 4 years ago
    @Natabuu Yeah. It's something we're experimenting with - updating older articles with new information and insight. That way we can ensure we don't have redundant old stories on our site - at least, ones covering important issues like console preference.
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #64 Jaz_Rignall 4 years ago
    @mikapoghosyan62 And I suppose you're sponsored by the manufacturer of whichever car you choose to drive?
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  • Avatar for Thusian #65 Thusian 4 years ago
    As I've gotten older, all I really care about are the different kid of experiences found on Nintendo platforms. I'm not good enough to compete in multiplayer shooters, I get bored with corridor shooter campaigns and open world games have never clicked with me. So as a result I am much happier playing Mario Kart in short bursts or with friends and platforming around. On top of everything else I am really big on Party games and really Nintendo is the only company that seems to actually care about that. So given how I have less time for games and the genres on those other consoles aren't for me I am a Wii U guy all the way.

    That's not to say that the other consoles are bad, just not for me. That's the thing about these types of articles its all a matter of taste, though truth be told at this point I don't see too much difference between XBox and Playstation, but that might be brought on by indifference to the genres they are leaning on. So yeah I feel a lot the same as Jeremy Parish, but without any real longing for Destiny or Alien.
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  • Avatar for Thusian #66 Thusian 4 years ago
    @dangalloway15 You know its fine if your tastes are different and you wouldn't choose the way he did, but to make an immature, inflammatory and insulting comment like that is unnecessary.
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  • Avatar for koalpastor30 #67 koalpastor30 4 years ago
    I have a PS4 and a Wii U and I would recommend the WiiU. Nothin to play on the PS4.
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  • Avatar for duanethomas01 #68 duanethomas01 4 years ago
    Since i already voted with my dollars and bought a PS4 and am happily playing games like Transistor, Resogun, Infamous Second Son, and Final Fantasy XIV. I'll say that I hope to buy a Wii U as well some time in the near future so that i can get in on that sweet Mario kart action. Can't see myself spending hard earned money on an Xbox this gen though.
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  • Avatar for Feanor #69 Feanor 4 years ago
    "I just happened to be given PS4 review copies of Watch_Dogs and Wolfenstein, both of which could just have easily been Xbox One games."

    Publishers want to send out the best console version of their games to the press, so it wasn't just random chance that you got the PS4 versions. Nor was it random chance that most publishers sent out 360 review copies last gen.
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  • Avatar for nilcam #70 nilcam 4 years ago
    At this point, Wii U + PS3 has every game I'm interested covered. If the PS4 could play PS3 games, maybe, but it can't so it's a non-issue. None of the PS4/XB1 games are interesting enough to me to drop the cash.
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  • Avatar for touchofkiel #71 touchofkiel 4 years ago
    I'll be picking up a PS4 pretty soon, but there's not a single exclusive for it I want. And I don't even mean next-gen exclusive! We're just getting to that point where the PS3/360 versions of multi-gen games will be the ones at a severe disadvantage. I'm looking forward to Dragon Age 3, Destiny, and uh... is that it? More Assassin's Creed, when the prices drop drastically in a few months, and...

    Ah, the Witcher 3! That's about the only next-gen exclusive coming within the next 6-8 months that I really want.
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  • Avatar for Daikaiju #72 Daikaiju 4 years ago
    Well I own a Wii U, so PS4 would be my 2nd console. X-Box has never had enough to pique my interest and their various shenanigans console to console (the DVD "key" for the orginal, mandatory XBox Live, damn near everything that happened at the last E3) have always discouraged.
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  • While I will definitely end up with a PS4 in the future, they have pretty much exactly one exclusive I give two shits about right now and its release date is unknown (Bloodborne). Their launch lineup largely consisted of franchises I never thought were good and their upcoming exclusive releases are a marginal improvement. Microsoft, on the other hand, impressed me a fair amount with their presentation (especially in contrast to last year) and frankly, as a long-time Halo fan, the sheer amount of content and effort that's going into the Master Chief Collection for standard retail price, as compared to the value of, say, The Last of Us Remaster (a slightly prettier version of a Naughty Dog game from last year), pretty much sold me the system. That and I think their launch line-up and other announced exclusives are generally a lot more impressive.

    I think PS4 started with a significant advantage last year, but in terms of software and multimedia features, they're getting behind.
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #74 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    I just wanted to highlight this quote from Bob Mackey: "Above all, I get the feeling Microsoft doesn’t know what they want to do in the console world, and might have just a tinge of regret over getting into this costly game 15 years ago."

    Great point, very insightful! To me, there's always been something a little off about the X-Box, and I think this sums it up. And apparently we aren't the only ones who think so... Microsoft's own shareholders seem to agree, and want the X-Box brand dropped! (According to another USGamer article that I just read.) Maybe that should happen, it feels like Microsoft really has nothing to add to the gaming world.
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  • Avatar for paulhurt95 #75 paulhurt95 4 years ago
    While the Wii U has the strongest exclusive line up right now when you consider that it may only have Starfox and maybe Metroid on the horizon that doesnt give it much to look forward to. I couldnt justify a console that will deliver less than 10 great games over the course of a generation, If that was the only console I was going to own.

    It pains me to say I wont own the next Starfox or Mario but with a PS4 I might get trilogies of uncharted (or what ever is next from naughty dog), batman arkham and gaming goodness from bethesda and Bioware.

    I remember owning an N64. I just loved Ocarina, Goldeneye and Starfox 64 but when Id beat them, what did I do next? Nothing! Square by themselves released almost as many great games on the ps1 as nintendo and rare together on the N64. Im not saying they were better because they certainly werent. But they were very good and it certainly would have kept me occupied.Edited July 2014 by paulhurt95
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  • Avatar for DiscordInc #76 DiscordInc 4 years ago
    I've actually been really happy with my Wii U. The game selection has been limited of course, but so is my time to play video games. Combine that with the fact most AAA games don't interest me, I can't find a compelling reason to want one of the other systems.

    The closest runner up is the PS4 since there are a lot of interesting indies out there, but a lot of them either are or will come out on PC at some point and I can already get them there.
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  • Avatar for GaijinD #77 GaijinD 4 years ago
    @Jaz_Rignall Would it be possible to get some indication that an article has been updated, and maybe even some information on what's changed? A lot of times I look at these and as far as I can tell you've just republished an old article.
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #78 Jaz_Rignall 4 years ago
    @GaijinD Good point - in future, I'll make sure we add [Updated] in the header, or if that doesn't fit, we'll add it to the description.
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #79 airbagfin51 4 years ago
    @GaijinD Haha, I just realized that this was an older, updated article. In any case, was still a good read.

    Edit: At first I thought the timestamp had gone awry on the site ;)Edited July 2014 by airbagfin51
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  • @brionfoulke91 I have to say that I strongly disagree with this sentiment. Regardless of how you feel about their exclusive line-up (which, at the moment, is look pretty solid), the fact is that at the very least they provide competition. Without competition, Sony would never have had any particular reason to make the PS3 the solid platform for gaming it eventually became (as compared to the mess it was at launch). Without competition, PS+ and Microsoft's eventual response to it would not exist. Without competition, I would be surprised if they would have made anywhere near the revisions between the DualShock 3 and 4. Competition is always a good thing and, at the moment, MS and Sony are direct competitors that are at their worst making sure each can't maintain a monopoly in that particular sector of console gaming. That is what makes consumer-friendly policies preferable to solely corporate-friendly policies.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #81 SatelliteOfLove 4 years ago
    what's the one that plays Bloodborne? Yeah, that one.
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #82 airbagfin51 4 years ago
    Deleted July 2014 by airbagfin51
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #83 airbagfin51 4 years ago
    Deleted July 2014 by airbagfin51
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  • Avatar for airbagfin51 #84 airbagfin51 4 years ago
    @Jazz_Rignall I think keeping stories updated historically is a great idea, and am glad you're exploring it. It can be a way of maintaining the value and even 'freshness' of an article over time.

    I'm not sure whether you have an actual version control system in place on your backend, but as a software developer, I can say that one of the boons of such systems is the ability to look explicitly at the changes or differences between two histories (generally called 'diffs'). There are some nice tools to visualize these diffs for code. Of course, articles are a different type of animal, but something similar--to compare and contrast over time would be pretty sweet. A very simple implementation would be to just have a link to an older version of the story, so that the really nerdy ones of us could really see the changes.

    @arglactable@gmail.coEdited 4 times. Last edited July 2014 by airbagfin51
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  • Avatar for dangalloway15 #85 dangalloway15 4 years ago
    @Thusian and yet I did it anyway. So why don't you sue me lmao
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #86 brionfoulke91 4 years ago Here's why you're wrong: that's a false dichotomy. It's not a choice between Xbox existing and no competition for Sony. For one thing, Nintendo will still be around (and unlike Microsoft they DO have a unique voice and something of value to add to the gaming landscape!) And if Microsoft drops out of the race, that will create a vacuum that some other company will inevitably try to fill.

    Yes, competition is good for the industry, but it doesn't have to be Microsoft. I don't think they really bring much of value anyway. I'd love to see them get out of the way and make room for other companies that would bring more value to the table. To be honest, it's probably mostly Mircosoft's fault that the last generation has been one of the worst.
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #87 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    Deleted July 2014 by brionfoulke91
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #88 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    Deleted July 2014 by brionfoulke91
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #89 brionfoulke91 4 years ago
    Deleted July 2014 by brionfoulke91
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  • Avatar for pertusaria #90 pertusaria 4 years ago
    Extremely tempted to pick up a Wii U for Christmas. Most of the games that would pique my interest on either of the other two consoles will eventually end up on PC, and I'm content to wait and to deal with the trade-offs. I've never been a home console owner, though, so I'm in the minority here.

    Edit: should have said that I have a Vita, so I can get my Little Big Planet fix and gradually dig into the amazing back catalogue of Playstation or console exclusives. If not for that, the PS4 might be more tempting, but I'd still incline toward a PS3 at the moment.

    November edit: Nothing's changed, other than Nintendo itself making my choice more difficult by announcing a major handheld refresh which I expect to shell out for around April (my guess at when it will launch in Europe). I will probably get both, but justifying two consoles and a few Wii U games within six months will be tough.Edited 2 times. Last edited November 2014 by pertusaria
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  • Avatar for markyh #91 markyh 4 years ago
    If you have a decent gaming pc then why would you go for a ps4 or xbox one? If you don't have a gaming pc then go for a ps4 AND a Wiiu. Whatever, don't overlook the Wiiu, it has some great games that you need to play. It is the only format to get amazing single format games - and this time they look and play great.
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  • @brionfoulke91 Nintendo is not really competing on ANY of the fronts that the other two systems realistically are. Their online infrastructure is still embarrassingly antiquated, their community features are novel, but ultimately poor, their third party support is non-existent, they actively embrace a complete lack of even basic multimedia features. What Nintendo brings to the table at this point is solely Nintendo games, which is a pretty specific niche. And that's fine, but it's idiotic to suggest that the Wii-U is in direct competition with the PS4 and the X1. Nintendo does nothing to challenge their policies and the only feature they provide that compares is exclusive titles (of which they tend to have more, for obvious reasons). Absolutely nothing Nintendo has done has influenced major policy changes at Sony or Microsoft.

    I also reject the assertion you continue to make that Microsoft has nothing unique to contribute, despite being the only specifically American brand in the running and having a solid line-up of exclusives (including more than one IP I'm personally invested in. And it's "probably Microsoft's fault that last generation was one of the worst?" Based on what, exactly? I would strongly disagree with both. Last generation was full of fantastic games on all fronts. The majority of the problematic business practices were publisher practices and equally supported by Sony (and just not viable with Nintendo), not to mention the influence of Achievements, Xbox Live, XBLA, XBLIG, the 360 controller, etc, regardless of the Xbox brand losing sight of its goals in the last couple of years of the system. And as the result of their direct competition (with Sony), the X1 is shaping up to be a solid system with some great games.

    Even that aside, there is no reason why any other company would bother to get into the console business as it exists now. Given how long it actually took Microsoft to make Xbox into a major brand in the aftermath of Sega, even with their massive PC market share and resources. I see no other company in anything but a worse position to make a similar play. I don't understand why people get so invested in the failure of any of these companies. It would benefit no one.
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  • Avatar for abuele #93 abuele 4 years ago
    I get the point of every and each opinion, PS4 is the one to get, horse power, games, capabilities, specially the online ones. But then what, I reach the bottom of the article, where someone chooses something different. Reading between lines I think, that what is missing is take into account what people has invested so far in the last generation. Jeremy exposed that clearly, he is able to move its library from Wii to Wii U. Ok yes you can do that as well with the other two. But with the hype apart for the better hardware, and coming games, right now what does this consoles offer.

    My XBOX account is two generations old, I'm very well invested in it, not in what I've been able to buy or had bought, but that as Bob Mackey pointed out, I put an early bet in buying XBOX live Gold each and every year. What is next, to just change lanes, jump from the ship and start a new course earning a new account and buying new games with it.

    I also have a 3DS which has brought me joy, and I've been amazed by Nintendo's customer service, when the console failed, warranty issues, even exchange rates when buying eShop cards in other countries and being able to use them in my eShop locked down by region. That is investing.

    I'm still not convinced by your point of view at slapping $500.00 grand in a brand new console. I think I need another year for the matter to mature and then move on. Console generations need to be longer. Specially if they want you to get invested in apps, online gaming and services.

    As a matter of facts, it seems that the real costs for this new generation will be carried on by big publishers and distributors expecting huge sales, not only from exclusive titles but from all AAA titles, that is a huge amount of pressure, and for hardware guys to just concern on frame rates, HD capabilities and so on it is unfair, since the distributor will be expecting a sale and not risk it to filter it down a single pipeline.

    The market will be changing of sorts, which I expect, in order to get better things as a consumer. Focus more on the guys who carry the wallets, don't miss that step.
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  • Avatar for brionfoulke91 #94 brionfoulke91 4 years ago eir I strongly disagree that Microsoft is bringing any kind of vision to the gaming world. I strongly disagree that last generation was full of good games, from my point of view it was the weakest generation of all time. Achievements have had a very negative effect on the gaming landscape, and are contributing to a general air of homogeneity. I think the X-Box's major game franchises are contributing to that as well. I don't like the box controller either and am saddened by it's widespread use.

    I also strongly disagree about Nintendo. I think you're underselling them when it comes to things like online, but that's beside the point... they are important to the gaming landscape in the only category that truly matters: games. The Wii-U is bringing the freshest and most unique games to the table of any of the 3 systems, by a landslide. That alone makes it extremely relevant. I think it's already much more competitive with the PS4 / X-Bone than you realize. It may not be everyone's first choice of system, but it's going to be nearly everyone's second choice, just because there's not much reason to own both a PS4 and a X-Bone.

    Of course there's no one interested in getting into the console market as it is now. But if you pull Microsoft out of the equation, that would likely change.
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  • Avatar for jeremy.parish #95 jeremy.parish 4 years ago
    @abuele How can I move my PS3 and Xbox 360 games to PS4 and Xbox One? I'd be very interested in hearing more about how this works.
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  • Avatar for Thusian #96 Thusian 4 years ago
    @dangalloway15 Oooooh burn did you see how he got me guys dude you sure got me. Excuse me for standing up for someone's right to state what they like with a valid reason and not have someone fabricate some idea of doing it to get attention. Anyway I've had the catharsis of calling you out, so we can close the book. You get to feel like a cool guy for being all like yeah I said it whatevs and I get to feel like a more empathetic and therefore better person we both win.
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  • Avatar for Thusian #97 Thusian 4 years ago
    @jeremy.parish You go and buy the Last of us from your local retailer and say there, I moved my purchase over. Then you feel great about the release calendar for that new system because it just feels so full of games you bought last year and loved. :/

    In all seriousness those ports kill me they only exist because the systems in question have no Backward Comparability. I don't see the kind of upgrade you used to get with HD re-releases and not even all those seemed worth it at the time. Ironically I would love to see a lot of Wii games released on Wii U as HD re-releases a Mario Galaxy Collection with Miiverse, Off TV Play thouch screen bit collection and HD I would throw down for in a second. Okami HD with the touch screen right there for Painting gimmie gimmie gimmie, and so on.

    And before anyone gets on me if you like PS4 and/or Xbone I'm not trying to criticise you, but BC is a big deal to me, I don't want to rely on old hardware continuing to function if I wish to play an old favourite. PS Now seemed to address that, but the current business model attached to that makes it a non-option for me.Edited July 2014 by Thusian
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  • Avatar for abuele #98 abuele 4 years ago
    @jeremy.parish I was not fully aware that you could not move whatever you've bought from Xbox Live or PSN to the XBOX ONE or the PS4. Maybe I'm just trolling a bit, I apologize.
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  • Avatar for EnderTZero #99 EnderTZero 4 years ago
    Boy, it'd be nice to get that local backwards compatibility for the PS4 that got leaked awhile back. That would make buying a current-gen console a lot easier.
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  • Avatar for secularsage #100 secularsage 4 years ago
    "Bob doesn't know much about Everybody's Gone to the Ratpure, a deliberate move on his part, because he doesn't want the game spoiled before he plays it."

    Maybe Bob should at least look up how to spell the game's title in the meantime? Though "Ratpure" does put an interesting twist onto what the game could be about!
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  • Avatar for secularsage #101 secularsage 4 years ago
    After reading this, I'd agree -- the PS4 is the best system of the three "if you can only have one...". That isn't really surprising. The PS4 has a lot of buzz around its upcoming software. It's a workhorse system that can do a little bit of everything. It's the most powerful console with the least restrictive policies. It's the standout from this generation.

    What would have been additionally interesting would have been to see which system each editor would prefer after making that first purchase. Because that's where the real choice comes in. My feeling is that the Wii U would have trumped the Xbox One as a second system, something that Nintendo really needs to get behind if they want to position the Wii U for this holiday season.
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  • Avatar for cldmstrsn #102 cldmstrsn 4 years ago
    Considering I have 2 out of the three I guess I would have to go with the bone.
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  • Avatar for SatelliteOfLove #103 SatelliteOfLove 4 years ago

    Yup, still waiting on my Bloodborne machine.
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  • Avatar for rock27gr #104 rock27gr 4 years ago

    Though I get the point of updating the old articles with new content (replacing actually), I would prefer it if you kept them separate; perhaps annotate with a date or something.

    It's confusing in the comment section, plus it would be interesting to compare same article from a year ago and see what changed in the mean time. Make it a landing page with chronological links to all relevant articles perhaps?
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #105 Jaz_Rignall 4 years ago
    @rock27gr Point taken. However, there are some biz reasons why we want to update the article rather than make a completely new one. Next time we update, however, I'll keep better track of our prior comments. That way we can keep things on the same page, but also better articulate the changes in our points of view. Because I imagine by the time we next update things, we could well have different opinions again.
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  • Avatar for MetManMas #106 MetManMas 4 years ago
    Ah! So this article's been updated again!

    Anyway, out of the three I've gone for the Wii U. The system may not have much in the way of third party support, but Nintendo kicks ass when it comes to the first party stuff, and I don't mind that there's less games because there's no way I'll be able to play every game to see release anyway.

    Also, as someone who's usually turned off by the general AAA fare, it's nice to have a console with games featuring protagonists other than angry white men shooting and stabbing things in historical or futuristic setting. I do enjoy a Fallout here or a Bioshock there but too much "realism" bores me.

    There are some exclusives that interest me on the competing consoles (Sunset Overdrive in one case and Bloodborne in the other), but so far it looks like I could just get a non-rubbish computer and join the PC master race and I wouldn't miss much of what the Xbone and PS4 have to offer. Frankly, I'm more interested in a PS3 than a PS4 because it's got some great games and compilations not available on 360 as well as a fair share of emulated PSone and PS2 games.
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  • Avatar for Monkey-Tamer #107 Monkey-Tamer 4 years ago
    After the lack of durability last-gen systems had I've decided not to buy any of the three. My PC lets me have backwards compatibility through emulators, and also serves as a media center. Being older I don't have the time to play absolutely everything I want, so I don't sweat missing a few good exclusives. I still find myself going back to play older games that have stood the test of time.
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  • Avatar for Pacman8MyGhostkart #108 Pacman8MyGhostkart 4 years ago
    @Jaz_Rignall I've read your work since Mean Machines.

    Fanboys, they NEVER change do they?

    Man, I'm old!
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  • Avatar for AlltheNeSWorldCups #109 AlltheNeSWorldCups 4 years ago
    I find my tastes to most align with Mr. Parish for essentially the same reasons backwards compatibility is huge to me and i also have a ps3 which i enjoy but theres the thing with PS4 and the X1 (not the comcast service they had the name first btw) is they share alot of games in common with 360 and ps3 respectively and seeing as ive never needed the best graphics in my games im perfectly content with getting some newer multiplatform releases on my older hardware. If its 2 as another mentioned its hard to beat Nintendo and PCs combined forces
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  • Avatar for ricklongo #110 ricklongo 4 years ago
    As of right now, there is a grand total of zero games on the PS4 and Xbox One that I really want to play AND can't play on my PC.

    I plan on getting a PS4 to play Final Fantasy XV. But as of right now, the Wii U library is vastly superior in my opinion (which shouldn't come as a surprise; Nintendo exclusives are always better in my eyes).
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  • Avatar for cjrizzo #111 cjrizzo 4 years ago
    Good article - nothing really earth shattering here. An interesting question for all of you on the staff: if you were not exposed to all of the systems and games the way that you are and the access you have to the industry, do you think your choices would be different?

    I have both the PS4 and XBOne (and did have a launch WiiU for about a year until I felt it wasn't up to par). Truth be told, I was heavily in the PS4 court, but between Forza Horizon 2 and Sunset Overdrive, I like the direction MSFT is going in. The PS4 is still my #1, with all multiplatform purchases on that system and XBOne exclusives the primary vehicle for that system. The prevalence of multiplatform releases (sans WiiU) means that there aren't many losers in the decision. It comes down to which exclusives you enjoy and what system has the best features for you, all things considered. I think far too much noise has been made about the graphical resolution differences between the systems and, given the more PC-like architecture of this generation, an XBOne rev.2 could certainly beef up horsepower and maintain compatibility in the future. If you own any of the next-gen systems, enjoy them! The only bad choice is not to play anything - make the most of what you want, what you can afford and what you think is best for you.
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  • Avatar for Jaz_Rignall #112 Jaz_Rignall 4 years ago
    @Pacman8MyGhostkart Cheers! I don't believe they much do. I'm celebrating about four decades of fanboyism!
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  • Avatar for curtloesch71 #113 curtloesch71 4 years ago
    From now on I'm no longer a PlayStation guy. Long story...My PlayStation Network account got hacked and someone used my saved credit card info to buy a game for $77.89. It was after the hours of operation for PlayStation support when this happened. I immediately filed a dispute with my bank and reset my PSN password. The next day the charges were reversed. Four days later I turn on the PlayStation to watch Netflix and I'm unable to because my PSN account was banned. I called and they gave me 2 options. Buy $80 worth of vouchers and pay the debt, or call my bank and say that I no longer want to dispute the charges. They said if I do that and call back they'll refund the charges. I'm jacked. Because of their terrible security (my password was very secure) I have to jump through all these hoops so they can save face with the banks. I told them just remove the game that the hacker bought from my account. That way we're back to $0. They couldn't do that. Even after speaking to a manager. I asked them if they have ever heard of social media and how far a bad experience carries across the Internet. Jeremy, the manager, didn't seem to care.
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  • Avatar for danyfranso76 #114 danyfranso76 3 years ago
    I would definitely get a ps4, it just has more raw horse power and it dosent force you to use that stupid connect. The overall os which was used for the system was better in my opinion and Sony is focusing on the main purpose of what a gaming console should be for which is gaming, the exclusives which the ps4 has and the ones which will be coming out in the next year and for more intreaging then the ones for the Xbox that and I just like Sony over Microsoft
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  • Avatar for deiondraicarter99 #115 deiondraicarter99 3 years ago
    I say ps4 because i think that they are better at almost everything
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  • Avatar for reeceheinze25 #116 reeceheinze25 3 years ago
    I will hope to get the ps4. It is more on the gaming side of things while the Xbox one is more on the multitasking side.
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  • Avatar for Wii-U-Mexican #117 Wii-U-Mexican 3 years ago
    Wii U is much better it has the porn videos the Mario videos the Lugi Vidios and stuff like that
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  • Avatar for mattjacoby89 #118 mattjacoby89 2 years ago
    Well I'm actually in the process of deciding and would love feedback and replies from all.

    So in my little search I've narrowed it down to a PS4 or a Wii U. Why not XBOX One? Cause it still requires a one time internet setup. I don't have the internet (just an Android phone) and don't intend to get the internet anytime soon.

    The debate is less about PS4 games vs Nintendo games. I could easily have just as much fun playing Mario Kart, Smash Bros, Zelda, etc, as I could playing GTA5, Dragon Age, Uncharted, etc. No, it's more about the concern of mandatory installs on the PS4 and how quickly it's 500 GB hard drive will fill up. What's that? Get a 1 TB version? Yeah, good luck finding one, that's the equivalent of (now) finding a PS3 that's backwards compatible with PS2 games. Their out there, but their few and far between. Meanwhile I'm concerned I'll only get full enjoyment out of a Wii U by getting a Wii remote and nunchuck, upping the cost and adding even more games to track down. In the end, I'm at a loss as to which to get.
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  • Avatar for mattjacoby89 #119 mattjacoby89 2 years ago
    @Critical_Hit, exactly! Microsoft isn't about to put out endless sequels to all of their games so that it becomes like the next Call of Duty, which is almost always just the same old thing being rehashed. Only fanboys cling to that trash! If one must put out a sequel, spend the time and money needed to keep them from becoming basically shovelware. A new Zelda or God of War or Halo game is usually a hit because adequate time and money was invested into it. I can't argue that PlayStation isn't more diverse than Microsoft, but at least Microsoft attempts to be selective about their games and not just let pretty much anything get put on their systems (mainstream that is).

    Oh, and then there's consumer support. What happened last time around? The 360 overheated and developed the notorious Red Ring of Death. Microsoft was all over this within the first year and happily fixed all affected systems AND gave an extended 3 year warranty. What did PlayStation do in response to the Yellow Light of Death? They basically shrugged and waved it off saying that it wasn't a likely occurrence and that not enough people were affected by it, and to this day, not a damn thing has been done about it! Not to mention that the Blu-ray lens is notorious for having a rather short life. Yeah, thanks PlayStation. The biggest redeeming quality they have is not being as likely to overheat. If truth be told I'm not much of a XBOX (One, 360, or original) fan, I'm more into Nintendo. Only good games for the current Wii U games mostly first party games? So what?!?! Zelda, Mario Kart, Smash Bros, (among others), what more can a gamer really ask for?
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