The Next Pokemon Movie is Going to Be CGI

The Next Pokemon Movie is Going to Be CGI

Mewtwo strikes back this Summer, but he's leaving cel-based animation in 1998.

Welcome to 2019. Pokemon is slated to be a huge part of the new year, just in case there was any doubt. Japan took the liberty of easing us into PokeMania '19 with a new teaser for Pokémon the Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution.

We received a glimpse of the new movie—which is a remake of 1998's Pokemon: The First Movie—last summer. Back then we surmised the remake is done entirely in CGI, and the new teaser confirms as much. The teaser also gives Japan a release date for the movie: July 12.

The Pokemon Company's decision to go with CGI for a remake of its premiere Pokemon movie is a touch disappointing. Some computer animation is certainly expected, but the plastic-looking computer-rendered graphics seem over-produced next to the original movie's gritty cel-based animation. I was admittedly a bit too old for Pokemon: The First Movie when it hit theaters, but even I still appreciate the play between light and shadow in Mewtwo's arena.

Well, it is what it is. We'll surely get a better look at Evolution's visuals as the summer draws closer, and we'll probably get a North American release date as well. If all else fails, we'll still have Detective Pikachu this May.

Actually, you know what, Evolution can use all the bad CGI it wants. As long as the sweet late-'90s techno soundtrack from Mewtwo Strikes Back remains, I'm in.

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