The Nintendo World Championships Just Showed Off Three Unseen Levels from Super Mario Odyssey

The Nintendo World Championships Just Showed Off Three Unseen Levels from Super Mario Odyssey

Three new puzzle stages in Super Mario Odyssey were revealed.

The Nintendo World Championships just wrapped up with an explosive finale when the two finalists, John Numbers and Thomas G, went head-to-head in three rounds of never-before-seen levels in Super Mario Odyssey. Each of the newly revealed levels had a decidedly puzzle-focused bent to them, but only one player was crowned champion.

The first level involved a timing puzzle that required each contender to press a button at exactly the right time to line up flashing platforms in exactly the position they needed to be in for Mario to progress. Think of those stacking block arcade games that requires buttons to pressed at exactly the right time and place.

The second level required a little more dexterity with each player needing to be quick with their possession powers to capture little springing creatures that let them jump up a tall tower.

The final unseen stage was a 3D world made of ice that players could traverse easily if they captured a Goomba (who doesn't slide across the ice like Mario does). At the end of the stage was an Olmec head boss that Mario needed to possess certain body parts of to counter and ultimately defeat.

In the end, Thomas G. came out of the loser's bracket to unseat the 2015 champion, John Numbers, after beating the final boss. While only Thomas G. was crowned champion, we all won a little by getting a little glimpse of what's to come when Super Mario Odyssey launches on the Nintendo Switch on October 28.

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