The Order: 1886 Walkthrough, Collectible Guide and Tips

The Order: 1886 Walkthrough, Collectible Guide and Tips

Complete walkthrough of The Order: 1886, including all collectibles and Inspectable Items.

The Order: 1886 is a game that received quite a bit of bad press leading up to its release. Most notably were the reports that it was only five hours long, something that we recently discussed in depth. Still, it's a highly anticipated PlayStation 4 exclusive, and there is little doubt that players will be jumping in feet first the moment that it unlocks in the PlayStation Store. For gamers that fall into that category, we're presenting a full walkthrough that includes all of the games collectibles, also known as Inspectable Items. For those who aren't quite sure if they're ready to pull the trigger on The Order: 1886 just yet, check out our full review, then maybe pay this guide a visit if the game is worth the money.

Beginner's Tips and Tricks

  • Spend a few moments learning and mastering the cover system early. It's one of the most essential skills that players will use during combat.
  • Gamers should always be on their toes, as The Order: 1886 likes mix cut scenes with interactive game play. Look for on-screen prompts that require attention.
  • Press down on R3 to get an update as to what the current directive is, and sometimes even the direction that Sir Galahad needs to travel.
  • When picking locks, hold L2 and move the right stick. When the controller stops vibrating and begins a heavy rumble, press the R2 button to advance further on.
  • Collectibles, which are also known as Inspectable Items, will show up as points of interest around the world. No matter what it is, points of interest should always be investigated.
  • Although we've found it to be a bit wonky at times, most common foes will drop from one bullet to the head, or three to the body. This excludes higher tiered enemies or those with armor.

The Order: 1886 Prologue: Once a Knight - Sir Galahad Tortured

The first bit of game play is a mixture between cut scenes and interactive sequences designed to teach players some of the basic game mechanics and concepts. There's a lot of plot to take in as well, and it's likely to leave more questions than answers, just like a prologue should.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 1: Always a Knight - How to Kill a Lycan

The first real chapter of the game will introduce players to collectibles, which in the case of The Order: 1886 are called Inspectable Items. We outline exactly where to find all five of them, as well as teach gamers how to kill a vicious enemy called Half-Breeds, also known as Lycans.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 2: Amongst Equals - TS-27 Tutorial

The game's second chapter has a little bit of cut scene, a little bit of wandering around, and then some exploring to finish it all off. There are five more Inspectable Items up for grabs, and as expected we have detailed instructions on where each of them can be found.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 3: Inequalities - The Rebel Ambush

Players will finally get their hands dirty with a large dose of combat, coming face to face with enemies such as the Rebel Heavy, Rebel Grenadier and more. We'll help them locate all 10 of the Inspectable Items in the chapter, some of which aren't exactly easy to find.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 4: An Endless Battle - Lycan Elder Boss Fight

Things get dark and creepy in a big hurry, as Lady Igraine and Sir Galahad must work their way through the underground to reach the hospital. When they arrive at their destination it will be time for a boss fight against a Lycan Elder, which our walkthrough covers thoroughly.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising - Remain Undetected

The fifth chapter of the game mixes in a nice balance of running and gunning, stealth combat and collectibles. Players will have to be on their toes at all times. There aren't any Lycans to worry about, but the Rebel Heavy will make another appearance in the latter half.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 6: In the Darkest Hour - Sir Perceval

This chapter doesn't really require a walkthrough since the second half is nothing but cut scene. However, in the interest of completion we've covered it. Players will want to pay close attention here, as the plot begins to unfold in a very big way.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 7: The Knighthood - Marquis De Lafayette

The easy ride will get even easier with this chapter, as players don't even need to be holding their controllers to complete it. We will admit, however, that it's heavy on the plot, seeing one Knight of the Round Table laid to rest, and another promoted to take his place.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 8: Under Siege - Battle for the Bridge

The fighting is pretty intense throughout this chapter, but playes who took the time to learn and master the cover system early on will have few issues. Follow our guide to gun down the Rebels and save Hastings.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance - Lakshmi and Galahad

This might come in as one of longer chapters of the game, but it's also quite a bit of fun. The gun play will take players through many differnt situations, and there's even some pesky Lycans to kill near the end. We'll help players conquer it all.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 10: Confrontations - Sir Galahad and Sir Lucan

There's not much to say about this chapter, and we're not trying to be dramatic. It's literally five minutes long and doesn't require any work from players. Just sit back and enjoy the show.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms - The Gate Key

Get ready for aother long one. Well, maybe not for some, but for us it was about an hour of work here. It helped that this chapter was divided up between gun play and stealth combat, but the latter is where players may stumble without our guidance.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 12: A Traitor Amongst Us

This is another example of a chapter that doesn't even require a guide, but here it is just the same. We wish we could tell you that this is the last time it will happen, but...

The Order: 1886 Chapter 13: Between Life and Death

This is the last one. From this point forward gamers can expect to actually have to play the game to beat chapters, although some of them are pretty heavy on the quick time events. Either way, at least every chapter after this requires players to be awake.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 14: A Knight of Old

The action picks back up just a bit in this chapter, but it's nothing like what players have experienced in the past. This fight should be over in about two or three minutes, then it's more cut scenes leading into the next chapter.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 15: To Save a Life

It's not the longest chapter, but it contains perhaps one of the most intense battles of the entire game. We died a few times in this one, but that experience helped to develop some tips to ensure other players avoid the same mistakes.

The Order: 1886 Chapter 16: Brother, Let us Embrace

The final chapter of The Order: 1886 will be done in about 10 minutes, but the final boss fight is pretty fun. It contains several quick time events, but it's not easy to mess this up. We've got blow by blow tips to make sure Sir Lucan falls.

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