The Original Auto Chess Creators are Creating an Exclusive Version for Epic Games Store

The Original Auto Chess Creators are Creating an Exclusive Version for Epic Games Store

The original Auto Chess team is switching to a different platform.

The land rush for autobattlers continues. Drodo Studio, creators of the "auto chess" genre, debuted a trailer for their standalone version today at the PC Gaming Show. They also made the announcement that their standalone client would be coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store.

The short trailer showed fully 3D units fighting on the game's chess board, with the camera able to zoom in on the action. While we can't make out too many of the mechanics, it's set to be a desktop version of the mobile game, so it should largely draw on the original Auto Chess' gameplay.

Auto Chess stems from "Dota Auto Chess," a mod for Dota 2 that has gained immense popularity over the last few months. Developer Drodo Studio reportedly flew out to Valve to discuss a partnership, but the two parted deciding to make their own standalone versions "with Drodo's blessing," says Valve.

While Valve's game is likely the Underlords title trademarked a while back, other developers have been moving in on a genre whose profile is quickly rising. Riot Games announced their own game mode called Teamfight Tactics today, and it's putting some interesting twists on the "autobattler" genre that could appeal to League's large playerbase. It looks like where MOBAs once duked it out for dominance, autobattlers plan to do the same.

Drodo's standalone Auto Chess doesn't have a release date yet. If you want to keep up with all the streams happening today, be sure to check out our E3 2019 guide.

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