The USgamer Team Discusses Its Other Games of the Year

The USgamer Team Discusses Its Other Games of the Year

Mike Williams steps in to host From US To You! as Jeremy, Nadia, and Bob share their thoughts.

Was it only a week ago that Kat, Mike, and Jaz regaled us with praises for their favorite games of 2015? How quickly time passes. And here we are once again, with another episode of From US To You!, with the other half of the editorial team speaking out about their faves.

Since this half of the team includes me, I stepped aside for this episode to prevent our having a segment consisting entirely of me talking to myself. You're welcome. The amiable Mike Williams ably takes up the host seat to grill me, Nadia Oxford, and Bob Mackey on their respective favorites of the year. It's a pretty broad selection of titles!

But perhaps not a surprising selection if you've been paying any attention at all to the site. I'd ask if you could guess our picks in advance, but the podcast cover art kind of gives it away. Oh well!

You can download the full episode directly from this link via Libsyn. We're also on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Show description:

Mike Williams hosts as Jeremy, Bob, and Nadia share their respective favorites for 2015.

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