The Outer Worlds's Switch Port Is Getting a Tune-up Patch

The Outer Worlds's Switch Port Is Getting a Tune-up Patch

More improvements are supposedly on the way.

The Nintendo Switch port of The Outer Worlds isn't especially good, and Private Division seems to know it. The publisher promises a patch is on the way to improve performance, and it promises it's looking into other ways to hopefully get The Outer Worlds port up to snuff.

Private Division shared the patch announcement yesterday evening on its official Twitter account. "Employees of Halcyon! A patch for The Outer Worlds on Nintendo Switch is in the works, and the team at Virtuos is investigating to further improve the game’s performance," the tweet reads.

"We will let the community know once we can confirm this update is available."

Virtuos is the studio handling the Switch port of Obsidian Entertainment's 2019 action RPG. Virtuous's portfolio includes the strong Switch port of Dark Souls Remastered and the Switch port of the underrated Starlink: Battle for Atlas. Unfortunately, it fumbled its port of The Outer Worlds, with Editor-in-Chief Kat Bailey says is "difficult to recommend."

"The tech problems kept cropping up though⁠: pop-in, bad textures, slowdown, even crackling audio. When I say this port is rough, I mean that it is rough," Kat writes. "The blurriness makes it so enemies are constantly blending into the landscape when viewed from a distance, and the frequent texture pop-in is distracting during conversations."

When we pick up ports on the Switch, we expect some visual quality will be sacrificed in exchange for the convenience of portability. It's not even unheard of for a PlayStation 4 or PC game to come out ahead on the Switch regardless. But if the porting process serves up a final product that's riddled with tech problems, the exchange isn't worth it. Hopefully Private Division and Virtuos can clean up the wasteland.

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