The Playstation Experience 2017 Opening Ceremony News Recap: Mega Man in Monster Hunter World, A MediEvil Remaster, and the Rest of the Reveals

The Playstation Experience 2017 Opening Ceremony News Recap: Mega Man in Monster Hunter World, A MediEvil Remaster, and the Rest of the Reveals

PSX kicked off things from a couch late Friday evening... and never left.

It was a pretty low key night for the PlayStation Experience 2017's opening celebration. A lot of developers sat on some very big couches. Hideo Kojima showed the exact same trailer for Death Stranding that he showed last night at The Game Awards. Overall, it was a pretty relaxed night with not much by way of news.

Nonetheless, here's a quick recap of the biggest news from the night, with their corresponding trailers too.

The Last Guardian VR

If you played The Last Guardian and thought, "I wish I could see Trico up close and personal," then you're in luck because Sony apparently heard you. On December 12th, players will be able to download a short 15-minute demo for the The Last Guardian VR, where you solve puzzles with Trico by your side. Just another day with everyone's favorite giant dog-cat-bird-thing.

Wipeout VR

Over the summer Wipeout Omega Collection, a collection of the three most recent games in the series, was released on PlayStation 4. In early 2018, it's getting a new VR update for free that will take the high-speed races nauseatingly close.

God of War

There wasn't much news for God of War at the PSX opening event, but director Cory Balrog revealed that the game will be 25 to 30 hours long. In the past, God of War games are usually around 10 hours. Maybe we'll see Kratos drive his son to his first day of fifth grade or something.

Donut County

Ben Esposito, one of the game designers from the indie collective Arcane Kids (known for their eccentric games like Sonic Dreams Collection,, and more), has been developing a new project for awhile. That game is Donut County, which got an extended silly trailer tonight at PSX. Donut County is coming to PlayStation 4 in 2018, and it's gonna run at 60 frames-per-second baby (at least, according to its raccoon star it will).

Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World is out sooner than you think. (It's scheduled for release on January 26th, 2018.) A new trailer was shown off at PSX, giving players a glimpse of more of its expansive world and story. The trailer also revealed the ability to listen to some Mega Man tunes and bring Mega Man along as a companion, since this is a Capcom game. There's a big beta kicking off this weekend on PlayStation 4 exclusively as well, if you want to hunt some monsters bright and early.


Apparently there are some diehard MediEvil fans out there. Once again, Shawn Layden wore a prophetic tee, and a new game is being revived for the PlayStation 4 era. Long ago it was Vib-Ribbon on PlayStation 3, and much later it was Crash Bandicoot. Tonight's special announcement was MediEvil, a niche action-adventure series from the early PlayStation era. Now, the original is getting a remaster for the 4K generation.

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