The Retronauts Konami Memorial Continues with Super Castlevania IV

The Retronauts Konami Memorial Continues with Super Castlevania IV

A Micro perspective on the kookiest numbered entry in the classic action series.

When Bob and I sat down to chart out topics for the current season of Retronauts, we did not — to my knowledge! — deliberate intend to eulogize the game design powerhouse that was Konami. And yet: Here we are.

After several recent episodes looking back to how great Konami's NES music sounded even in B-tier games, how the company was once so prolific it had to set up a dummy corporation to publish all its creations, and even a look at Konami offshoot Treasure, there's a definite theme taking shape here. And that's not even all of the Konami-themed episodes we've run lately, not to mention the upcoming Metal Gear episode! My goodness. Well, today I'm adding to the pile with another Konami-themed look back: A Micro episode focused on Castlevania. Specifically, 1991's Super Castlevania IV for Super NES.

Last year, we explored the original NES Castlevania trilogy, and I've certainly written plenty about those three games. And... Super Castlevania IV is almost nothing whatsoever like them. Yeah, it's about a guy named Simon who whips Dracula to death, but that's more or less where the similarities begin and end. Super Castlevania IV is a strange entry that plays like no other game in the entire franchise, with its own distinct sound, look, and flow. It's a tremendous game — a true classic! But it really stands alone, and today, it was called here by humans so that we can pay it tribute.

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Episode Description

Last year we looked at the Castlevania NES trilogy; now we explore its weird but wonderful follow-up, Super Castlevania IV for Super NES.

Music in this episode comes directly from the game, because what kind of idiot would put together an episode about Castlevania IV and not give that incredible soundtrack its due?

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