The Sky is Falling in Episode 10 of From US to You!

The Sky is Falling in Episode 10 of From US to You!

Join us for 75 minutes of podcast delight: We bear witness as the games industry casts down the old gods.

Sometimes I worry that our young podcast is too doom-and-gloom, focusing on the dark side of the games industry's perpetual change. But then you have something like last week and it's hard not to feel a little downbeat.

For those of us who grew up gaming in the '80s, Nintendo and Hideo Kojima were two of the medium's last mainstays — two fonts of creativity that continue to plot a line of evolution from the 8-bit days. And all of that was made to feel decidedly fragile last week, as Nintendo announced its partnership with DeNA, leaving the door open for the company to begin exploring mobile games and all the bad feelings that go with them... followed promptly by precipitous and seemingly uncomfortable revelation that Metal Gear producer Hideo Kojima is on the outs with long-time employer Konami, even though the company intends to carry on the Metal Gear series with or without him. The games market has been incredibly tempestuous over the past few years, but these feel like landmark events.

And on top of that, gaming's oldest name — Atari — has gone into bully mode against one of its former employees, Jeff Minter. Are there no heroes left? Is the only solace we can hope to find that which we uncover ourselves through such diversions as The Kat Bailey Sports Minute, The Mike Williams Media Minute, and the Jeremy Parish Retro Minute? The only way to know for certain is to listen to the show...

You can download the full episode directly from this link via Libsyn. We're also on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Show description:

Jeremy, Mike, and Kat converge to discuss the fallout of the past week in gaming: Nintendo going mobile! Atari going L.A. Law on Jeff Minter! Hideo Kojima going away! Is there a ray of hope to be found in this cataclysm of news? (MP3, 1:15:15, 51.6 MB)

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