The Sloppy Stealth of The Last of Us Part 2

The Sloppy Stealth of The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us Part 2's stealth is better than before, but at what cost?

The original Last of Us is what I like to call a sloppy stealth game. It's unwieldy. It never feels smooth. You can do your best to sneak through an area, but a Runner's ludicrous cone field of vision always breaks your cover, which sends a legion of Infected at Joel and Ellie. Breaking stealth to go loud in combat is never an accident. It's an inevitability.

In The Last of Us Part 2, the sloppy stealth is lessened. It remains messy in action, but it's more that way by design than a pesky accident. It no longer feels janky to drive a melee weapon into a foe—instead, it feels panicked. Melee is a viable option, unlike before. Ellie can lay prone and crawl under a rusted vehicle now. She can craft a plastic bottle silencer for her primary pistol, too. She eventually gets a sneaky, silent bow, and also doesn't have to worry about crafting shivs thanks to her handy knife, with endless stealth kills possible. This new Ellie is deadly and silent, and crucially, can actually stay that way. But it also breaks the game.

What I liked about the first game's stealth is that in an instant, everything can change about an encounter for the worse. I may not have loved how the combat felt—especially in my most recent replay, accepting that my taste in game-feel has changed dramatically since The Last of Us originally released—but I liked how the moment-to-moment of it played out in unexpected ways. Meanwhile in The Last of Us Part 2, I've largely found myself bored by most encounters because it's so easy to stealth through it without even raising an eyebrow from the enemy factions of the Washington Liberation Front, Infected, or Seraphites.

Maybe I brought this on myself though. I opted to play on the normal difficulty, figuring that was the "intended" way on behalf of the developers. I assumed that if I liked it enough, I'd kick it up a notch on a future playthrough, as I did with the original. It turned out to be a mistake. I'm always full up on resources and ammo. Even after emptying a weapon after an encounter, I can usually rely on scrounging up additional ammo in the next area. Despite the much-improved horror sequences The Last of Us Part 2 deploys, it's automatically negated by the plain fact that I can't be scared when I know I can easily shoot or stealth my way out of a situation. The tensest moments are the few where I'm robbed of that exit strategy.

When people think about The Last of Us, and by extension, Naughty Dog's Uncharted series, the last thing on anyone's minds is the quote-unquote "gameplay." Where games should be considered holistically, triple-A games typically get to be revered as more than the sum of its parts. It's a natural reaction, just as how I enjoy the occasional bad Netflix show (like the YA post-apocalyptic The Rain), or even B or C-tier games like State of Decay 2 and Control, despite how busted they may be on a core gameplay level. The positives, for people, often outweigh the negatives. In the case of Naughty Dog games, that usually means its pristine presentation, from setpieces to its top of class performances, outweigh any sort of misgivings people might have about its third-person shooting being average at best. The question stands though: For a game like The Last of Us, should the gameplay even matter? For me, the answer is "yes."

It's why I'm disappointed by how easy The Last of Us Part 2 is. It's too late to go back and start anew on a harder difficulty, being in what I believe now is the final stretch. The action retains its sloppy stealth by design; from panicked real-time molotov crafting behind a decrepit bookshelf, to how Ellie can flop into tall grass and crawl around Snake-style. The stealth may be undeniably better and no longer clunky, but I find myself missing the tension that saturated every pore of the first game's encounters. It's what helped elevate the first game from being a "good post-apocalyptic story" to a good video game for me.

I still need to sort out my feelings on The Last of Us Part 2 overall, as I close in on the end. My kneejerk thought is that I like it, but it's not worth the hyperbole that's swirled around since the review embargo lifted. I imagine a lot of players right now are like me, either having binged it over the weekend or are taking their time over the course of a week or so. As for me, I'll be writing my more rounded out opinion later this week.

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