The Smash Bros Teaser for Switch Was Tailormade for Memes

It's the Eye of the Inkling, it's the thrill(?) of the joke.

Analysis by Nadia Oxford, .

Last week's reveal of Super Smash Bros for the Nintendo Switch prompted a feverish celebration, the likes of which is usually reserved for midnight Pentecostal meetings.

Nintendo delivered the news via a video reveal, and that video almost immediately became a meme. The internet latched onto one clip in particular: The Smash logo reflecting in the female Inkling's eye like a looming harbinger of the Utter End. As I pointed out on the day of the reveal, the Inklings aren't being asked to join Smash. They're being told to put their dukes up or die like dogs.

Maybe that's why the Inkling eye-shot became the "messenger image" for Smash on Switch. It marks the last fleeting seconds of the Inklings' innocent playtime. Also, it's pretty easy to insert your own joke into a hapless sea creature's eye. Either way, the internet obliged.

The Inklings should be thankful they're in a fighting game that doesn't end with demi-gods getting their skulls caved in by stoic androids with confused morals.

I'd be happy with Isle Delfino DLC for Super Mario Odyssey, but I guess Nintendo has other plans.

It took me five minutes to get this groaner of a joke, which means I'm now obligated to put my self-worth up for auction to the highest bidder. Good luck.

I'm worried this Inkling will fall down, scrape their knee, and hiss "aaaaaaah" for ten minutes while the rest of the match goes on around them.

I forgot Super Duper Sumos was a real show that actually happened, so thanks for that, meme.

If a passel of Final Fantasy bad guys asks me to join Club Evil while the rest of the world goes off to Smash, I'm probably going to say "YES."

Fun personal fact, my eyes do the same thing when I see pizza. (via Zela_Kantal)

"Seymour! Your friends set the house on fire!" "No, mother, it's just the Northern Lights inviting me to Smash!" (via Mintkuopcream)

Sometimes I wonder why God refuses to personally reach down and lift humanity up from our morass of sin and failure, and then I receive a cruel reminder. (via geno2925)

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