The SNES is Available in Canada, But Not in Quebec

The SNES is Available in Canada, But Not in Quebec

Wait, what's this about the SNES in Canada?

In "Canada is weird" news today, reports are coming out saying that while the SNES Classic is coming out in Canada it will not come out in Quebec, a Canadian province. The reason being that the SNES Classic does apparently not meet Canada's—specifically Quebec's—strict language requirement.

Two unnamed employees at EB Games told Motherboard that the SNES Classic will be skipping the francophone province because of Quebec's mandate that business must be conducted in French to protect the language in the region. Since 2009, all video games sold in the province is supposed to be translated into Quebecois French if already available in French... from France. Apparently this requires more work than just slapping a European copy of a game with the Quebecois flag.

Pas au Québec

The first EB Games employee reportedly said that "It [SNES Classic] won't be available in Quebec because of the French Language... [Nintendo] won't be able to ship it in Quebec." The employee was apparently told via news delivered to EB Games employees from the company. The second EB Games employee confirmed the story.

The news was first rumored after being reported on Twitter by Quebec journalist Denis Talbot. Nintendo Canada declined to give a direct answer to inquiries regarding the subject.

One Montreal-based customer tweeted @NintendoCanda to ask what actions the company is taking for Quebec customers who want an SNES Classic, but as of now it seems that the only option might be to drive to a nearby, anglophone province.

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