The Solitaire Conspiracy is a Card Game About Spies From Bithell Games Arriving Next Month

The Solitaire Conspiracy is a Card Game About Spies From Bithell Games Arriving Next Month

Tactical Solitaire Espionage.

It's been less than a year since John Wick Hex, and Bithell Games has kept busy. Keeping its usual pace of breaking up big projects with smaller games, studio head Mike Bithell has announced the developer's next project: The Solitaire Conspiracy.

The Solitaire Conspiracy is, on its face, a solitaire game. The twist comes in the form of various spy crews with their own unique powers. After the destruction of Protego, the world's leading spy agency, you have to take over the remaining scattered spy crews and wield the C.A.R.D.S. to save the world. There's set to be a Campaign mode, with FMV cutscenes telling the story, as well as Skirmish and Countdown variants to play.

This is not your average game of Solitaire, by the looks of it. | Bithell Games

In a Twitter thread, Bithell notes how longtime players of Bithell Games' games know the studio tends to launch smaller, more experimental projects—dubbed "Shorts"—in between big projects. While Bithell Games is well-known for Volume and last year's John Wick Hex, the developers there have also created smaller stories like Quarantine Circular.

From Thomas Was Alone up to now, Mike Bithell and Bithell Games' projects have always found ways to experiment with new ideas and takes on existing genres. Solitaire may not seem like a forum for creativity at first, but games like Pocket Card Jockey have found pretty interesting ways of twisting the mechanics into something new.

As someone who's into both card games and spy thrillers, as well as the mild Android: Netrunner vibes this is giving off, The Solitaire Conspiracy is certainly interesting to me. We'll see if this blend of spies and spades is a winning hand on Oct. 6, when The Solitaire Conspiracy launches on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

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