The Steam Summer Sale Has a Weird Event Where You Fuel Race Cars By Buying Games and Earning Achievements

The Steam Summer Sale Has a Weird Event Where You Fuel Race Cars By Buying Games and Earning Achievements

We can all agree Team Corgi is best, though.

The 2019 Steam Summer Sale has kicked off, knocking dozens of games down in price. And while the budget-conscious gamers will certainly be interested, this year's event also includes a strange meta-game where you join racing teams and fuel your cars with quests, achievements, and money.

The "Grand Prix" lets you join the Pig, Hare, Cockatiel, Tortoise, or Corgi teams in a race to the finish line. Your boost meter capacity goes up naturally, or through Steam sale purchases; the current ratio is every dollar spent increases capacity by 100 points.

You build up points by completing quests in games you own, or those that also happen to be on sale. For example, in Wargroove, I can earn 70 boost points right now by winning an online Quick Play match, and then use that to boost my chosen team Corgi towards the finish line.

What's the ultimate goal? Finishing in the top three of each day, as "drivers" will be chosen at random from the top three to receive a free game from their Steam Wishlist. At the end of the Grand Prix, the top three overall teams will also have drivers randomly selected to receive free games as well.

While it's not wholly about gamifying a sale, it is still funny that I can increase my ability to make an imaginary car go faster by spending money on Steam, like I'm shovelling coal into a furnace. The quests are nice though, and give me a good excuse to go back to games I haven't played in a while, like the excellent Wargroove. And it's a little less weirdly complicated than Steam's Lunar New Year sale, where you exchanged tokens for discounts. You can find all the info and head to the races on the Steam storefront's Grand Prix page.

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