The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Commercial Works Disturbingly Well With Titanic's "My Heart Will Go On"

The Super Smash Bros Ultimate Commercial Works Disturbingly Well With Titanic's "My Heart Will Go On"

Also: "Immigrant Song," "Don't Stop me Now," and best of all, "Africa."

Nintendo's commercial for Super Smash Bros Ultimate literally brings the "Everyone is Here!" banner art to life. The second Mario, Link, Mega Man et al can move, they begin kicking the snot out of one another. It's a great ad with some well-orchestrated movements, but it has a curious quirk: There's no background music.

I'm not sure why the Super Smash Bros Ultimate commercial lacks a rousing battle theme. My best guess is Nintendo wants us to clearly hear Isabelle's collar bell go jingle-jingle as she walks, and that's a decision I stand behind. Anyway, the Internet's since filled in the commercial's silence with music galore. Twitter's Smash Bros tag is filled with the projects, so I've effectively watched the Smash Bros Ultimate ad a dozen times over. Hm. I think I see what Nintendo is going for here. Well played. Well played.

Here's the best of the Super Smash Bros Ultimate commercial edits. Give them a listen before the copyright police start swinging their truncheons.

First, let's not forget one of the most iconic pieces of Smash music ever composed: The theme for Super Smash Bros Brawl on the Wii. It goes well with the ad, unsurprisingly.

Speaking of Smash nostalgia, here's an edit that utilizes "Happy Together," the song that was used to great effect for the very first Smash ad. Incidentally, it's used in the first trailer for the Detective Pikachu movie.

Now let's "Take it to the Grand Tour, Grand Tour!"…Sigh.

Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song" works brilliantly with the Smash Ultimate commercial, but then again, it'd work brilliantly with footage of a mass funeral. It's just a great song.

The Smash Ultimate trailer also lines up perfectly with Celine Dion's "My Heart Will Go On," and I hate myself for enjoying this edit as much as I do.

All told, our friend Andre of GameXplain easily takes the crown as King of the Smash Ultimate commercial edits. Visit his Twitter account for more examples, but I need to highlight this good and proper use of Toto's "Africa."

The thudding bass and oppressive beats of Rico Nasty's "Rage" pairs well with the fighting on-screen, though the song's use of the F-word probably disqualifies it as a Nintendo-approved choice.

Fri-day, Fri-day, gotta Smash on Fri-day—oh God, this is terrible. How did this get on my "Best Of" list? I thought I blotted 2011 from memory, but I guess the wipe wasn't as thorough as I thought.

The best—the actual best, no Rebecca Black fake-outs this time— goes last. YouTuber "The Mystical Fox" paired the Smash Ultimate commercial with Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now," and the results are frankly perfect. In fact, this edit was my first exposure to the commercial, and for a minute I thought Nintendo is using Queen to advertise Smash Ultimate. "Damn," I said, "the world's a beautiful place after all."

Nah. The world continues to be cruel and cold. This is still an amazing edit, though.

Whether you prefer Nintendo's Smash Ultimate commercial with or without music, its arrival means the game is creeping closer to its December 7 release date. Make sure to take a look at our Super Smash Bros Ultimate guides for everything you need to know about the biggest fight of the year.

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