The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Website Lets You Listen to the Soundtrack

It's time to smash some music into your ear-holes.

E3 is rough, man. The week-long jubilee of trailers and interviews really takes it out of you. Slow down. Relax. Nintendo's provided a sample of remixed music from Super Smash Bros Ultimate to help ease you into that calm blue ocean.

You can find the selection of music on the official Super Smash Bros Ultimate page. There are only a few tunes available for now (including Smash Bros Ultimate's title theme), but more will be added as time goes on, presumably leading up to the game's December 7 release.

Super Smash Bros has garnered a hardcore fanbase that Nintendo spends a lot of time trying to make happy, but Smash also doubles as a celebration of Nintendo's history. Part of that involves crafting myriad music remixes for beloved songs going way back to the earliest days of Nintendo's arcade history. Good to see Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have even more great remixes on tap.

Make sure to check out our Super Smash Bros Ultimate guide. This is one monster of a game that collects the entirety of Smash Bros' history into one Nintendo Switch game card—and then adds to it with hulking surprises like Ridley. It's going to be a brawl-happy holiday season.

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