The Switch Kickstand Can Be Made Much Better With the Help of the Wii U

The Switch Kickstand Can Be Made Much Better With the Help of the Wii U

Wii U: "Y-you need my help? Truly?"

How often do you prop your Switch up on a table? I don't very often, but that's admittedly because the Switch's built-in kickstand is kind of garbage. If your table jiggles just a little, you can count on the flimsy bit of plastic to fold up and plop your Switch right on its back.

You can buy official and unofficial Switch kickstands for prices ranging between $10 and $20, but if you're a lousy cheapskate like myself, you'll be glad to know there's a free non-aesthetic solution that lets you hook back up with an old friend from the previous console generation. Turns out the Wii U's GamePad holder cradles your Switch as snugly as a loving mother. No surprise: The poor thing is probably starved for love.

Protip: Give your Wii U stand some coffee. After years of inactivity, it might need a kick (image source: redditor "evilblade666").

Redditor "evilblade666" shared the tip on the Nintendo subreddit. They included a picture, but I also tested out this Wii U / Switch cross-breeding magic myself. Yep. It checks out. You'll want to wipe off the layer of dust that's inevitably settled on the stand, though. Unless you packed your Wii U away in a deep, deep box, where it'll never again know sunlight until you resurrect it for Switch-holding purposes.

While there shouldn't be any problems using a Wii U stand to hold up your Switch, always be aware there's a small risk that comes with using unofficial hardware for this kind of purpose.

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