The Switch Passes 4 Million Console Sales in Japan and Kirby Reigns as King

Japan loves it some Switch. Also, it loves it some pink marshmallow ghosts.

The Nintendo Switch continues to be a hot little item, and Japanese sales numbers have contributed quite a chunk to the system's success. Sales for the Switch have apparently reached over 4 million units in its home country, meaning it's selling about as briskly as the Wii did in its first year.

The numbers were recently published on Famitsu's sales tracker (thanks to Siliconera for the translation). The Switch sold about 52,000 units last week, bringing sales to a current total of over 4 million across 56 weeks since March 3, 2017. The Wii sold the same amount of systems within 54 weeks.

Nintendo Switch is stronk, like Buff Dedede.

According to the tracker, Kirby Star Allies has been Japan's best-selling game since its release on March 16. No surprise there, as it's an adorable little romp.

The Nintendo Switch isn't just a success in its homeland. The system easily surpassed 10 million units sold within its first year of life, leading it to eclipse the Wii U's lifetime sales. What's Nintendo's secret? The Switch's portability is extremely compelling, for one thing. Also, the Switch launched with a bunch of great games, and more just keep on coming.

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